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i know, it’s been a while, but things have been hectic

i loooooove my tummy time!

i loooooove my tummy time!

things with the baby have not been all too hectic, in fact, everything there is going swimmingly; it’s just that other things are taking up a lot of our time the last couple days.   i’ll skip all of that because i know you people only come here to see cute pictures and hear about what craziness is going on at the international house of nathaniel.

julia has decided she is going to call him ‘turtle,’ not after the character from entourage, but because she has obviously lost her mind.  apparently it has something to do with him making a facial expression like a turtle.  what sort of facial expression does a turtle make?  i have absolutely no idea.  like i said, julia has lost her mind.

i think the reason she has gone so incredibly off the deep end is because nathaniel has hit a phase that can only be described as a ‘black whole’ phase.  by that, i mean he eats constantly.  the only problem with this, is that he eats so much, he often gets bored and decides to go to sleep mid-meal only to wake up as soon as we decide to move him somewhere and scream for more food.  for me, it’s not so terrible because i can only help out if julia was able to pump for me.  for her, i can only imagine how crazy this must be making her.  actually, i don’t have to imagine it – like i said before, ‘turtle.’

i looooove my new swing!

i looooove my new swing!

sadly, because of all of this eating, julia doesn’t have time to pump.  this works out nicely for me, because instead of feeding nathaniel right now, i was able to sneak off and update this blog for the first time in a week.  oh damn, i just remembered she reads this too.  i am so terribly upset that she can’t pump so i can’t experience the joy of feeding my baby.  phew, dodged a bullet on that one.

let’s see, what’s new with nathaniel?  he smiles a lot.  in fact, he will smile for 20 minutes straight, but if we want him to smile for say, a picture, he will flat out refuse.  something tells me he takes after his father in that way.  one of these days i’ll actually get a picture of his smile to show you all.  until then, just picture how a turtle would smile.  i can only assume that’s how julia would describe it.

besides the smiling thing, he has perfected the art of the headbutt.  he is getting really good at holding his head up and looking around.  he is also getting really good at holding his head up, looking right at you and smashing his head into your nose, teeth or other part of your face.  after he does that, he leans back, looks you in the eyes and smiles.  something tells me this kid is going to be trouble when he’s old enough to get into stuff.  sadly, i can see me caving because he’s pretty adorable.  how early is too early to start trying to be the favorite parent?  julia’s going to destroy me for a while because of the feeding thing.  i guess i’ll just have to settle for hanging out with pickles.

baby's room is now mine.

baby's room is now mine.

i haaaaaaate my dog!

i haaaaaaate my dog!


columbus day weekend

um, guys?  pretty sure i just pooped.

um, guys? pretty sure i just pooped.

so this weekend was columbus day weekend, in which i had the strangest version of a 3-day weekend i’ve had in a long time.  i was off sunday-monday-tuesday and of course, had about 8 seconds to get any relaxing in.

my mother was in for the weekend, arriving saturday around lunchtime (when i was still at work).  apparently my mother and sister brought lunch over for julia without getting anything for me, which was alright since i had plenty of time to kill while ‘working’ that iw as able to get myself some lunch and play on the DS for a solid 2 hours.  i have to figure out a way to start sneaking home mid-day again because i’m getting more and more bored, although i am working on refreshing my foreign language skills thanks to the excellent educational games made for the terrific nintendo portable system (hoping they see this and give me free games for advertising).

anyways, when i got home from work my sister was already gone but my mom was enjoying her time with nathaniel.  it’s been about a month since she had last seen him, so having a baby that now smiles and ‘talks’ to you was a fun change for her.  speaking of how nathaniel speaks, i sure hope that i am not saying anything offensive in baby-talk because we have long conversations and sometimes he seems to be getting angry.  either it’s what i said or it’s gas.  probably gas, but i digress.  after a nice dinner with my mom, my in-laws came over as well to see everyone.  they brought brownies.  it was awesome.  because there isn’t a lot of room for 9 million people in my house with all of the baby stuff everywhere, i took this opportunity to go to the market and let those who do not see the baby every day have a chance to hold him (and more importantly change diapers).



sunday was another day packed full of visits and insanity.  in the morning my friend susan, who happened to be in town from tennessee for a wedding dropped by to meet the baby.  she said, and these are her words ‘this baby is way cuter than derek’s baby.’  (hey derek, this reminds me, we need to have our kids feud with each other for no reason at all, that way they can have a cage match in a few years for the championship belt)  the visit with susan was very nice, as we haven’t seen her since julia was about 8 months pregnant.  a little after noon, my father came by, susan left and my mother came by as well.  around 1, i went to pick up my cousins from the train station with their awesome puppy jackson baily, who is a 6 month old cocalier.  pickles enjoyed his play date until jb tried to stake his claim to this house by peeing on his bed.  all was forgiven as the dogs spent an hour or so running around in the yard and then relaxing on the couch with some toys.

after having some football on, watching the red sox get eliminated and then putting on some more football i cooked dinner for everyone.  around 7:30 or so our house cleared out for the night letting julia and i pass out.  what happened next? nathaniel wanted to eat.  after that, he wanted to eat.  and after that?  he wanted to eat even more.  this was a trend that would continue through all of monday and so far, tuesday as well.

me thinks he is in a growth spurt.

on monday my mother stopped by with lunch and another visit before heading back home.  we managed to stop her before she was able to sneak out the door with our baby so our boston family can meet him.  eventually he’ll get up there to see everyone, but for now, it’s rough trying to figure out what to do with pickles and then getting everything together for us and the baby for the trip.

help me obi wan kinobi, you're my only hope.

help me obi wan kenobi, you're my only hope.

after a home depot shopping trip julia and i settled in with nathaniel and pickles for a nice relaxing evening.  nathaniel kept up his pattern of eating/screaming for food/eating pretty much all night until he finally fell asleep around 9:30 or so.  we knocked out shortly thereafter.

today was pretty much uneventful in that nathaniel has just followed his routine.  we had our new central air until put in this morning, i took pickles to the vet for his latest vaccinations, i mowed the lawn and did the first of what will turn out to be many leaf cleanups and now our cleaning lady is over.  tonight we’re going to bring nathaniel to barnes and noble to pick out a book or two for him with a gift card he received.  julia mentioned something about a book peter yarrow (of peter paul and mary fame) put out that we’ll more than likely pick up.  after that?  another excellent trip to babies r us to perform our seemingly weekly ritual exchange of items.

hopefully nathaniel’s appetite subsides a little bit because julia is having a rough go of keeping up with him.  he’ll literally eat for an hour, she’ll put him down to make herself something to eat, and before she even makes it into the kitchen he wants to eat again.  i know it’s probably a growing phase, but it’s rough to watch her when he’s this insatiable.

the many faces of nathaniel

the drunken old man

the drunken old man

so this is the time in a babies development when they are starting to get more responsive, as well as making some of the most amusing facial expressions julia and i have ever seen.  case in point, the gem that i have led off this blog with.  what exactly is going through his head at this point in time?  i have no idea.  all i can say is that he’s apparently managed to get himself into the liquor stash.

every day brings another chance for nathaniel to do the complete 180 from screaming his head off so much that it doesn’t seem like he’s breathing to the brightest smile that makes you forget he just pooped on your hand while you were changing him.

not only is he starting to explore the realm of facial expressions, he is also starting to enjoy the wide world of cooing.  as i type this, nathanial is working on composing Nathaniel’s Symphony in C#m.  it’s sort of amusing when we put him to sleep and he serenades us through the monitor.

even in his sleep, nathanial fights the power

even in his sleep, nathanial fights the power

the relationship between nathaniel and pickles is evolving nicely as well.  actually, it is evolving strangely.  pickles has decided to teach himself a pretty fun new trick.  every time nathaniel starts getting into a pretty serious cry, pickles’ rear right leg shakes.  it’s a pretty stupendous feat that i only wish i was able to teach him sooner because i swear, once you see it, you’ll never want to see another trick again.

actually, it’s sort of a sad trick.

truth be told, all pickles wants to do is be with us.  when julia is feeding nathanial, pickles will still either curl up at her feet or snuggle next to her on the couch.  this morning when i woke up, julia had nathaniel on the bed between us.  where was pickles?  snuggled right next to his little brother.

and now, the payoff.  this is the closest things to a smile we’ve been able to capture on camera.  hopefully by the time he graduates high school we’ll have at least one good shot of a smile.


our day at the mall

this is going to be mostly pictures because there’s not a whole lot to say i guess.

1this is nathaniel’s first trip to the mall with us.  julia and i were a little nervous because if he woke up hungry, she forgot her feeding cover so basically he was going to have to suffer.  the above picture is nathaniel in target.

2here is nathaniel riding through the mall.

3here is nathaniel on line at the gap.

4this one is of nathaniel on line at the children’s place (or whatever the store is called).  the lady behind the counter told us he was beautiful.  i bet she says that to all the new parents.  you know what?  he is, and i don’t need her stupid lies! (also, notice a trend with the baby?)

5here is nathaniel in the carter’s store.

6once again, nathaniel, this time he’s on line as we are getting food from the bobby flay burger joint.

7and finally, nathaniel on his way back to the car after an afternoon of shopping.  with all the worries about if he was going to be one of those annoying kids in the stores (and there were a whole bunch of them today) he slept the entire time we were out.  every once in a while he’d open his eyes, look around and just go back to sleep.  i bet if we went into EB Games he’d have woken up and kicked everyone’s butts at tekken 6.  something else we noticed at the mall today?  there are a lot of fat babies out there.  we probably say about 15 kids in strollers and i’d say about 15 of them were way over what weight they should have been at.  either that, or they are way, way mentally under developed for their age.  i’m pretty sure it’s just the fat thing though.  every baby we know looks healthy, these kids looked like they need to be put on the diet breast milk.  oh well, not everyone can be as perfect as nathaniel i suppose.

also, i just found out that my friend susan’s parents have been reading this blog.  for them, and well, for anyone else who speaks japanese (i sure hope i get this right, but if not, at least i know you should get my point) –


a quick morning post

contemplating where to burninate next

contemplating where to burninate next

so last night was an interesting night, in that nothing happened.  literally, nothing.  i woke up at 5:45am because my internal body clock is annoying and i went to check on nathaniel.  he’s just fast asleep in his crib (in a completely different spot than we had placed him in the night before) so i go under the assumption that i just missed a nighttime feeding/changing somehow.

julia woke up a little before 7 and was all sorts of confused.  first off, nathaniel had shifted an even farther distance away from where he was the night before.  i’ll put it like this – when he went to sleep, his head was about a foot away from the top end of his crib.  when julia woke up, his feet were touching the bottom end of the crib.  this little guy is apparently turning into a wiggler (so derek, i may have a picture to go along with landon sleeping halfway outside his crib in the future),  but that’s not even the best part.  nathaniel had done something that both confused and amazed julia and myself –


we put him down in his room around 10:30 or 11pm and he didn’t wake up at all.  the only reason he woke up this morning at 7 was because i picked him up to change his diaper (which didn’t need changing because apparently he decided to turn into a completely different baby overnight).  he proceeded to do the closest thing i’ve seen him do to laughing when i was asking him if he needed to be changed.  i wish i had a camera in my hands because he had the biggest smile on his face.  i didn’t know what to do, so i did what i do for pickles when he does something really good – i gave nathaniel a dog treat.

the burninating has begun!

the burninating has begun!

i, of course, am kidding.

julia, like any good mother, is nervous that he slept through the night.  why?   i have no idea.  she managed to get about 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep and nathaniel is just fine.  he even took a break from his first feeding of the day to pull back and smile up at julia.  one of these days i hope to catch a picture of him smiling, but i’m not going to turn into one of those people pointing a camera in their baby’s face all day long trying to get them to smile because let’s face it, it never works and it’s really annoying.

last night i was getting a little upset with nathaniel because i swear he knows when the diaper supply is running a little low and he decided he wanted to make sure he used them all before i could go to the store.  it’s not so terrible i guess, but we only had one small stack of pampers left.  he had to have gone through 6 of them in the course of julia walking pickles around the block once.  i explained to nathaniel that if he ran out of those the only thing we have left is some ghetto brand of diapers that doesn’t even have a name, and i was going to the store first thing in the morning.  i guess something clicked in his mind, because he was really good the rest of the evening and the overnight.

the other thing nathaniel loves doing is having a long feeding right before julia and i go to eat (usually dinner) and as soon as the food is done being prepared, he screams to eat again.  i’m glad i don’t have the boobs, because i get to eat a hot meal.  sunday morning was amusing in this respect.  as julia was feeding nathaniel, i was feeding her the scrambled eggs i made her for breakfast.

the latest doctor visit and other stuff

why does mommy dress me like this?

why does mommy dress me like this?

so yesterday julia and i brought nathaniel to the doctor for his regularly scheduled checkup.  i’m very pleased to report that everything is very well.

as we got to the office, the receptionist greeted us with a very happy ‘it must have been a great month, we haven’t heard from you once!’  that made us feel pretty good and that we may actually have an idea what we’re doing.

i won’t bore you with every detail of the visit, as much of it was the doctor answering questions we had about various topics ranging from the newborn acne (that goes away, but it could take a while) to how to deal with the congestion it seems the little guy has been dealing with for a couple days.  the real meat and potatoes of the meeting were the measurements i’m sure everyone is waiting for.  at 5½ weeks old, nathaniel measures in at about 21 inches and is tipping the scales at a monstrous 8lbs!  dr. fisher told us that he’s growing at a pretty decent pace, which of course made julia feel much, much better.  he does seem to be a little bit larger to us, but since we are always holding him, i can’t tell from one day to another.  whenever people drop by to see him that haven’t seen him in a week or so, they all say he seems bigger, so i guess it must be true.

other than that there is really nothing new and exciting to report.  he’s starting to coo at us now and again.  he’s still smiling at us now and again.  he still enjoys waiting for a brand new diaper to be put on him before he lets his rear end explode.

the one thing that we are really, really enjoying about nathaniel (well, one thing of many) are the facial expressions he’s starting to develop.  pretty much every day he makes at least two or three faces that make julia and i stop whatever we are doing and just laugh.

i really can’t wait to see what he does next.

are you going to feed me, or am i going to have to scream for it?

are you going to feed me, or am i going to have to scream for it?