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a quick morning post

contemplating where to burninate next

contemplating where to burninate next

so last night was an interesting night, in that nothing happened.  literally, nothing.  i woke up at 5:45am because my internal body clock is annoying and i went to check on nathaniel.  he’s just fast asleep in his crib (in a completely different spot than we had placed him in the night before) so i go under the assumption that i just missed a nighttime feeding/changing somehow.

julia woke up a little before 7 and was all sorts of confused.  first off, nathaniel had shifted an even farther distance away from where he was the night before.  i’ll put it like this – when he went to sleep, his head was about a foot away from the top end of his crib.  when julia woke up, his feet were touching the bottom end of the crib.  this little guy is apparently turning into a wiggler (so derek, i may have a picture to go along with landon sleeping halfway outside his crib in the future),  but that’s not even the best part.  nathaniel had done something that both confused and amazed julia and myself –


we put him down in his room around 10:30 or 11pm and he didn’t wake up at all.  the only reason he woke up this morning at 7 was because i picked him up to change his diaper (which didn’t need changing because apparently he decided to turn into a completely different baby overnight).  he proceeded to do the closest thing i’ve seen him do to laughing when i was asking him if he needed to be changed.  i wish i had a camera in my hands because he had the biggest smile on his face.  i didn’t know what to do, so i did what i do for pickles when he does something really good – i gave nathaniel a dog treat.

the burninating has begun!

the burninating has begun!

i, of course, am kidding.

julia, like any good mother, is nervous that he slept through the night.  why?   i have no idea.  she managed to get about 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep and nathaniel is just fine.  he even took a break from his first feeding of the day to pull back and smile up at julia.  one of these days i hope to catch a picture of him smiling, but i’m not going to turn into one of those people pointing a camera in their baby’s face all day long trying to get them to smile because let’s face it, it never works and it’s really annoying.

last night i was getting a little upset with nathaniel because i swear he knows when the diaper supply is running a little low and he decided he wanted to make sure he used them all before i could go to the store.  it’s not so terrible i guess, but we only had one small stack of pampers left.  he had to have gone through 6 of them in the course of julia walking pickles around the block once.  i explained to nathaniel that if he ran out of those the only thing we have left is some ghetto brand of diapers that doesn’t even have a name, and i was going to the store first thing in the morning.  i guess something clicked in his mind, because he was really good the rest of the evening and the overnight.

the other thing nathaniel loves doing is having a long feeding right before julia and i go to eat (usually dinner) and as soon as the food is done being prepared, he screams to eat again.  i’m glad i don’t have the boobs, because i get to eat a hot meal.  sunday morning was amusing in this respect.  as julia was feeding nathaniel, i was feeding her the scrambled eggs i made her for breakfast.