Daily Archives: October 5, 2009

our day at the mall

this is going to be mostly pictures because there’s not a whole lot to say i guess.

1this is nathaniel’s first trip to the mall with us.  julia and i were a little nervous because if he woke up hungry, she forgot her feeding cover so basically he was going to have to suffer.  the above picture is nathaniel in target.

2here is nathaniel riding through the mall.

3here is nathaniel on line at the gap.

4this one is of nathaniel on line at the children’s place (or whatever the store is called).  the lady behind the counter told us he was beautiful.  i bet she says that to all the new parents.  you know what?  he is, and i don’t need her stupid lies! (also, notice a trend with the baby?)

5here is nathaniel in the carter’s store.

6once again, nathaniel, this time he’s on line as we are getting food from the bobby flay burger joint.

7and finally, nathaniel on his way back to the car after an afternoon of shopping.  with all the worries about if he was going to be one of those annoying kids in the stores (and there were a whole bunch of them today) he slept the entire time we were out.  every once in a while he’d open his eyes, look around and just go back to sleep.  i bet if we went into EB Games he’d have woken up and kicked everyone’s butts at tekken 6.  something else we noticed at the mall today?  there are a lot of fat babies out there.  we probably say about 15 kids in strollers and i’d say about 15 of them were way over what weight they should have been at.  either that, or they are way, way mentally under developed for their age.  i’m pretty sure it’s just the fat thing though.  every baby we know looks healthy, these kids looked like they need to be put on the diet breast milk.  oh well, not everyone can be as perfect as nathaniel i suppose.

also, i just found out that my friend susan’s parents have been reading this blog.  for them, and well, for anyone else who speaks japanese (i sure hope i get this right, but if not, at least i know you should get my point) –