the many faces of nathaniel

the drunken old man

the drunken old man

so this is the time in a babies development when they are starting to get more responsive, as well as making some of the most amusing facial expressions julia and i have ever seen.  case in point, the gem that i have led off this blog with.  what exactly is going through his head at this point in time?  i have no idea.  all i can say is that he’s apparently managed to get himself into the liquor stash.

every day brings another chance for nathaniel to do the complete 180 from screaming his head off so much that it doesn’t seem like he’s breathing to the brightest smile that makes you forget he just pooped on your hand while you were changing him.

not only is he starting to explore the realm of facial expressions, he is also starting to enjoy the wide world of cooing.  as i type this, nathanial is working on composing Nathaniel’s Symphony in C#m.  it’s sort of amusing when we put him to sleep and he serenades us through the monitor.

even in his sleep, nathanial fights the power

even in his sleep, nathanial fights the power

the relationship between nathaniel and pickles is evolving nicely as well.  actually, it is evolving strangely.  pickles has decided to teach himself a pretty fun new trick.  every time nathaniel starts getting into a pretty serious cry, pickles’ rear right leg shakes.  it’s a pretty stupendous feat that i only wish i was able to teach him sooner because i swear, once you see it, you’ll never want to see another trick again.

actually, it’s sort of a sad trick.

truth be told, all pickles wants to do is be with us.  when julia is feeding nathanial, pickles will still either curl up at her feet or snuggle next to her on the couch.  this morning when i woke up, julia had nathaniel on the bed between us.  where was pickles?  snuggled right next to his little brother.

and now, the payoff.  this is the closest things to a smile we’ve been able to capture on camera.  hopefully by the time he graduates high school we’ll have at least one good shot of a smile.



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