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it’s official

are you serious?!?

we took nathaniel to the doctor today for his monthly checkup, and he now weighs more than pickles.  our little chubster is tipping the scales at a massive 11lbs 4oz, meaning he has gained two pounds since his last checkup.

“does this mean i am too big to ride the puppy?” nathaniel was overheard asking julia as we left the doctor’s office.

“yes nathaniel,” she said “you could really hurt him if you tried to get a free ride to the other room.”

pickles was unavailable for comment.



i'm tired, stop making me do things

i know, i know, i’ve been seriously slacking in the updates.  give me a break, i have a baby.

speaking of nathaniel, he’ll be three months old tomorrow.  over the many years of my life, i have heard countless parents say that time flies by.  well, three months into the life of my son, and i guess i finally understand what they were all talking about.  i honestly can’t believe that three months ago julia and i were wandering around the delivery wing of the hospital at 4am because julia didn’t want to lay in bed anymore.

now, we have this little guy, whom after making julia and i laugh for months, has started to laugh as well.

yesterday, while julia and i were in the kitchen, we had nathaniel sitting in his papasan.  of course he’s just smiling away (he’s a very smiley baby) so i sat down on the floor to play a little bit.  he grabbed my fingers and was waving his hands around.  i raised his hands above his head and said 盆栽! (bonsai!) and nathaniel let out this little squeal that startled julia and myself.

of course, i had to keep repeating what i was doing in order to get a similar result.  what happened?  nathaniel burst out laughing whenever i’d raise his arms above his head.  this went on for about four or five minutes, at which time, i can only assume nathaniel became bored with this new trick because he pretty much just started ignoring us.

yeah yeah, i know, he’s definitely my child.

julia wants more pictures of her with nathaniel


mommy and me

so yesterday julia’s friend kyung came by our house to take some pictures of the one and only nathaniel thomas bell.  it was a fun filled day of korean food and a awesome baby.

there really isn’t an awful lot to report about the day, nathaniel behaved wonderfully the entire time.  normally after about 15 minutes on his belly, if he hasn’t rolled onto his back, he’ll start to have a miniature breakdown.  yesterday, he was just a smiling machine.  kyung probably spent about 45 minutes or so taking pictures, and the entire time he was smiling and enjoying himself.


who knew taking pictures was so much fun?

even with the completely insane pickles barking for literally the entire afternoon, nathaniel couldn’t be bothered.  i have no idea where he gets it from, because i hate having my picture taken.  who would have thought that my son would love it so much?  he must get it from his mother.  i mean, he’s gotten all of his handsome good looks from me, so i guess it’s the least he could do for her.

(julia, i know you read this.  i am joking… mostly)

when all of the pictures were done, kyung commented how surprised she was with how well behaved nathaniel was during the afternoon.  apparently her daughter audrey would have had ‘multiple breakdowns by now.’  once again, i am reminded how wonderful our little fella is.  he has such a wonderful temperament that julia and i tell ourselves every day how lucky we are.

again, he must get that from me.


i'm the baby, got to love me!

this kid just keeps getting older

why does mommy insist upon putting me in hats?

why does mommy insist upon putting me in hats?

so nathaniel now weighs in at a whopping 9lbs 5oz, meaning he almost weighs as much as pickles.  on top of his recent (well, steady) growth, he is pretty much on the verge of laughter.  while he is smiling, he’s making what can only be interpreted as pre-laughter sounds.  it’s pretty nice, actually.  i feel that my talking like a jackass is finally giving me some payoff.  well, that, or he really likes my diaper change songs.

today was my first baby free day since he was born.  julia and her mother took him to visit julia’s grandmother for the afternoon.  i had all of these awesome plans of things to do that i haven’t done in ages because there’s a baby in the house, but you know what i ended up doing?  after i made the bed, made something to eat and walked the dog i fell asleep on the couch with the pupster for about two hours.  at first when i woke up i was a little upset i didn’t get any of my plans accomplished, but then i started to think about it.


um, who's this guy holding me? he smells like daddy, but his hair is way too short ...

getting two hours of sleep is probably the best way to have spent my afternoon.

i mean, i was going to play some beatles rock band.  those were my big plans.  i haven’t played in a while because i either don’t want to wake up the baby, or am helping out with diaper changes/feedings/fetching stuff for julia.  it was going to be an awesome afternoon of 5-starring the last few songs i need for the stupid achievement.  oh how life has changed.  2 hours of sleep was definitely the way to go.

with the baseball playoffs starting so damned late and games going to midnight or later, with the new york rangers being on the west coast with games starting at 10:30pm, with pickles falling back into his old habbit of waking us to go out around 2am even though i took him out after 11 and he doesn’t even go, just walks happily outside in the cold, with nathaniel waking up at 5am every morning to be changed/fed, my sleep the last two weeks has been lacking.  this was a nice pick me up.  in fact, julia said she was going to be home around 5 … i think i’m going to go try to sneak in another nap!

nathaniel was too tired to vote



so nathaniel has acquired a brand new talent – when we put him to sleep anywhere, he rotates himself sideways.  he’s been doing this for a few weeks now, but it’s starting to get a little ridiculous.  at first we thought it was because he was too warm and he was trying to cool down outside the covers, but he does this when he is asleep in his pack ‘n play with no covers on him.  julia and i have started playing a game where we try to guess in which position he’ll end up when we check on him the next time.

not only has he taken to twirling like a hippie at a concert in his sleep, he also likes to untangle himself from his swaddlers.  believe it or not, when we put him to sleep that yellow thing in the picture to the right was wrapped completely around him with his arms inside.  somehow he has not only gotten himself free, but he has also managed to kick it open so it sort of looks like he’s wearing a crazy new style of dress.  it seems like he has a pretty solid kicking ability, can nathaniel be the person to make soccer popular in america?  i doubt it.


pickles helping us check if someone needs a diaper change.

in not so exciting because he’s only 10 weeks old news, nathaniel came with us to vote today.  i was planning on letting him do the voting for me (my mom used to let me pull the lever when i was much younger and the voting booths had levers) but someone had to sleep through the entire thing.  and even while asleep, nathaniel was the star attraction at the polls.  there were no fewer than 2 old ladies who said he was adorable, one of whom may or may not have been the lady who lives 3 houses down from us.

oh well, there’ll be plenty more elections for me to leave my vote up to someone who can’t comprehend elections or who he is voting for but he likes to hit buttons that are lit up.  maybe next year at the mid-terms he’ll get the full experience.

catching up on the last week


watch out tokyo!

so it’s been a while since i’ve updated this blog, but just like the last time, things have been very busy the last few days (and weeks).  in a baby’s young life, there are many milestones and firsts that they pass.  some of them are exciting (first time he smiles at you), some of them are not so exciting (first time he pees on you mid diaper change) and some of them aren’t even that fun.  this past week, nathaniel got to experience a couple of those; attending his first wake and his first funeral.  julia’s grandfather passed away last week, and we are very glad that he was able to meet nathaniel (who is great-grandchild number 22).  ok, enough of the sad, let’s move on to what everyone wants, more halloween pictures.

our little fella is turning more and more into a little man every day.  he’s been going through an excellent phase where he smiles almost all day long.  it’s a nice change from the first couple weeks when he would smile, we’d get exciting he’s smiling, then we’d realize it’s just gas.  now, when he smiles, it’s an actual smile.  heck, he was even smiling when the rangers scored a goal the other day and i cheered.  to be honest, i’m pretty sure he was smiling beforehand, but it probably had nothing to do with the game.



so anyways, yesterday was another of the fun firsts for nathaniel – his first halloween.  of course, we didn’t take him out trick or treating because of the fact that he’s 10 weeks old, but we got him a costume nonetheless.  as you can see nathaniel is a dinosaur or something of the like.  it’s was a pretty uneventful day i guess.  julia and her mother took him down to her aunt’s house and i was at work.  by the time they got home, it was raining and pretty much all trick-or-treating activity had stopped.  i’m going to cut this post short, because pretty much the only thing i had to say was the pictures.  this week will be less hectic, i’m sure, so i’ll update more frequently.




i have been defeated!