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a week or two of updates

julia and nathaniel getting ready for thanksgiving

since it has been about two weeks since i’ve updated this site, i’ll start by going way back to thanksgiving.   this year was the first year we are not doing the multi-family visit, because it’s just too much for us with the baby now.  we decided to spend the day at my uncle’s house this year, meaning next year we’ll be with julia’s family.

the thanksgiving meal was fun for julia and i, because we got to sit at the ‘children’s table.’  this table consisted of my sister, my cousins and us.  apparently, there aren’t enough actual children to sit here, so the mid 20’s-30’s crowd get pushed into the other room.  what made it even nicer, was that nathaniel was in the main dining room with everyone else.  julia was able to eat her first hot meal in ages.

of course, nathaniel was a big hit with everyone.  either this was the first time some people had seen him, or it was the first time people had seen him since he’s older than 3 weeks.  he put on a nice show, laughing for people, grabbing people’s hair, playing with some of his toys.  heck, he didn’t even mind when either of the dogs there peeked their heads in on him to see what was up.  i’m glad that he doesn’t get freaked out with animals in his face, since just about everyone we know has pets of some sort.

my new seat is fun!

a new thing we picked up for nathaniel is his ‘boppy’ or whatever those foam seats are called.  i guess when you sit them in it, it helps them develop the muscles needed for sitting up.  it’s nice to have this, because it means we don’t need to hold him up all the time, and it also gives him some time to play with more toys.  not like he really needs more time to play with toys, because besides eating and sleeping, that’s pretty much all he does at this point.

thanksgiving weekend brings friends into town.  it also usually brings a gathering of those people.  this year, it brought us to a nighttime bar-be-que at jeff’s house.  well, not so much a bar-be-que as it was jeff cooking up some awesome steaks and hot wings, i made some sesame chicken, and other people made other stuff.  nathaniel slept for the first hour or so we were there, which was nice, because it gave us a chance to catch up with people.  since he’s been born, obviously, we haven’t been able to attend as many functions as we would have liked.  now that he’s getting a little bit older it’s easier for us to get around a bit.  at some point, maybe some other friends get on the baby wagon so we can sync or schedules up again.  everyone seemed to have a good time with nathaniel, except for mark, who cried like a little girl when he burped.  apparently it ‘smelled.’  i’ve honestly never really noticed, but maybe since it’s my own kid and i’ve had his poop on my hands, burp breath doesn’t effect me.  that, or mark’s a little girl.

pickles always needs to know what's going on

this past weekend, we were supposed to go up to connecticut to meet up with my mother, grandparents and aunt so they can meet the baby before they all go to florida for the winter.  sadly, i came down with a pretty bad sinus infection and have been on the ‘no touching or breathing near the baby’ list.  luckily, julia’s parents were free, so they were able to go with julia to meet everyone so we didn’t have to cancel.

i wasn’t there with everyone, but supposedly it was a very nice lunch, and again, everyone loved nathaniel.  i probably say this a lot, but seriously, he’s such a terrific baby, i honestly would find it strange if people didn’t love him.