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he keeps growing and growing and growing

my toys are mine!

and he has entered phase number two of urinating the second the diaper comes off.  i guess in the long run, i can’t complain too much, as it has been making my reflexes improve terrifically.

today we had our monthly doctor visit (14.4 lbs 24 ¼”) which brought another in the long line of vaccinations.  to be perfectly honest, i have absolutely no idea what this one was.  the doctor told us and i’m pretty sure i was paying no attention to any words he used.  maybe it was for onchoceriasis, there may still be a chance it exists in new milford new jersey.  anyways, he’s healthy and growing, which i suppose is pretty much all we can ask for.

too many cameras to know where to look.

on a totally un-related note, nathaniel had his baptism this past sunday.  his godparents (julia’s cousin jackie and my cousin eric) stood by as the priest continued to ask the jewish guy questions about faith in jesus.  remind me for the next child not to be the one holding the baby during the ceremony.  apparently that’s the person they talk to, not the one with the giant cross necklace on.

we had a meeting at the church the wednesday night before to go over the process.  at this meeting, there were five sets of parents.  on sunday when we got to the church there were eight babies, only two of which did i recognize the parents.  either way, the priest during the ceremony didn’t break stride once.  babies crying, slightly older kids yelling, ewoks fighting stormtroopers.  nothing rattled him.  we figured the service would take forever with all of the families, but it was done and over in less than an hour.  practice makes perfect i s’pose.

the party afterward was a good time as well.  lots of food, lots of people, lots of leftovers that will feed us for the rest of the month.

have i mentioned lately that pickles enjoys wrapping himself in various things around the house?  well, he has commandeered an old blanket and decided it is now part of his bed.  the other day, when i got home from work, the dog was nowhere to be found.  i called for him, and a short while later, this emerged –

do you mind? i was napping.

i love this dog.


so we have learned …

i'm pretending to be mommy!

…when your baby has the ability to roll over, changing his diapers can get pretty annoying.

for the last week or so, nathaniel has been perfecting his ability to not just flop around, but to roll himself all over.  when does it happen?  of course during julia’s first day back to work when we were both working and her mother was watching nathaniel for us.  she had him laying on his back in his crib, she left the room for a minute, came back and he was on his belly looking around.

i guess we should get used to missing out on stuff when he’s in daycare.

at least now we can’t put him down without him flipping around.  last night, apparently he rolled over in his sleep, couldn’t roll himself back (due to him being against the rails of the crib) and woke us up to flip him back over.  first time in months that he hasn’t slept through the night, and he really was only up for a few minutes.  this baby is awesome.

today is nathaniel’s baptism.  the last week has been full of last minute planning, shopping and setting up.  julia and i will be very happy when it’s all over.

i’ll leave you with my two little boys.

what are you looking at?

the super awesome nathaniel bell

what?!? a new post?!?

the one thing that never seems to amuse me, is that with all of the toys nathaniel has, he always find something else to play with.  last night, he spent about 45 minutes playing with his feet.  but the one thing he enjoys the most out of everything in this house is pickles.

pickles, as he likes to do, goes completely insane when we go upstairs.  he sprints around barking and jumping for the first 10 or so minutes we spend up there.  during this time, nathaniel sits there laughing hysterically at him.  i don’t mean little laughs, i mean full out, completely insane laughter.  i would post a video of it here, but apparently in order to use video on this site i have to pay them a lot of money.  i guess i’ll look into setting up my own site somewhere.

so getting back to the story at hand –


the best thing about the budding relationship between pickles and nathaniel is how good pickles has been with him.  nathaniel will pull his hair, pull his ears, pull his tongue – no reaction at all, other than a look at us saying ‘really? he really has to do this to me?’  the only time he had any reaction was when nathaniel grabbed on to his tail and pulled with all his might.  pickles sort of grumbled and and walked as far away on the bed as he could get and hid under the covers.  about two minutes later pickles came back out and they resumed playing together (basically that really just involves a lot of grabbing, licking and laughing).

julia is heading back to work this friday after taking 19 years off (or maybe it just seems that long to her), that means nathaniel is going to be starting daycare.  we are going to be starting him tomorrow for a couple hours, and add an hour each day this week so he can get used to it in small doses.  well, it’s mostly so julia can get used to it in small doses (don’t listen to her saying it’s so she can get everything  ready for school, we all know she’s going to be more of a wreck than the baby).  it’s going to be strange not having him at home with us since we haven’t been away from him for more than an hour here or there.  but such is life.

at least i’ll get to spend my days off with him.