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interesting sleep positions gallery 1

the crooked neck

this first picture is of one of the more normal positions nathanial enjoys sleeping in.  his body lays straight with his head looking almost detached from the neck and attached to the shoulder.  somehow, he never ends up with a stiff neck out of the deal.

the long day

after a rough day sleeping at daycare, nathaniel sleeps through the drive home and is so tired he could barely make it to the pillow before he passed out.

the explosion

at some point in the night, nathaniel decided to tangle himself up in his blanket and faceplant into the mattress.  it’s alright though, we checked, he was able to breathe.

the skyhook

maybe he decided that he didn’t get enough exercise in during the day and wanted to do a little stretching while he slept to make up for it.  maybe he was dreaming of the 1980’s los angeles lakers.  whatever it is, i declare it awesome.

the narcolepsy attack

we honestly have no idea what position he was in or what position he was trying to get into, but somewhere in the process he just gave up.  he remained in this position for at least 25 minutes.  we remain laughing for the past 3 days.


he’s almost getting the hang of it

hey mom, hands off, i got this.

so it has been about a week since we starting giving nathaniel a meal or two a day of what i am sure is super tasty rice cement.  i suppose technically it is cereal, but this thing has the consistency of a sidewalk.  over the course of that week, i’m not quite sure how much of it he has actually managed to swallow, but i am willing to bet that it isn’t even .01% of the amount that he’s managed to fling either onto julia or myself, across the room or just dribble down his face.

in his defense, i’m not sure that i would want to eat this stuff either.  thinking about it, though, he has no point of comparison with any real foods, so how does he know if this tastes awful or not?

mmm ... hand

what does seem to be his current favorite snack are his hands.  he’s been chewing on them pretty much since he has figured out how to maneuver them in there, but it has turned into an almost constant over the last few days/weeks.  this is leading julia and i to believe that the early teething process is getting under way.  his demeanor has not changed at all, so we’re hoping when those teeth do start popping through that he won’t go through a total freakout.

i like 'rock band' better

tomorrow is the super bowl, which will give me a chance to introduce nathaniel to the wonderful world of gambling on football games.  actually, i have no money riding on the game.  in fact, i don’t really care who wins.  i think i’m going to be pulling for the saints because they’ve never won anything, but i can’t say i’d be upset with the colts winning.

how can it be february already, wasn’t it just 2006?

sleep time

so now that nathaniel has decided to give up his amateur status and join the professional ranks of flipping over, he has started to move into the realm of belly sleep.  the first night he did this, he woke up freaking out because he was too tired to turn back over and hadn’t yet figured out how to turn his head sideways so he can breathe.  i’d guess he woke himself up two or three times that night.  the next night?  everything was back to normal sleeping straight through the night.  i have come up with a fun game to play (mostly by myself because julia sleeps about 22 hours a day) where i guess what position nathaniel will be in when i go to check up on him before i go to sleep.  last night, he had curled himself up with his face almost through the bumper.  it sort of reminded me of han solo in the carbonite, but i digress.

the last week has brought another in the ever growing list of firsts in nathaniel’s life – his first cold.

why'd you wake me up?

everyone always says that seeing your baby sick is tough to handle, but everyone’s an idiot.  i joke.  seeing nathaniel so congested he could barely eat was a rough couple of days.  thinking about it, ‘little noses’ should have a rewards program because we went through a ton of drops last week.  the one good thing to come out of this whole thing?  i am now a 4th degree black belt in aspirating.  who knew such a tiny little nose could contain so much mucus?  well, now i know.

it was a fun week over here.  nathaniel was sick, julia was sick and now i am sick.  so begins the circle of disease in the household bell.  pretty sure this is just going to keep going on forever, so i hope julia had chicken pox when she was younger because i know i’m all good.

oh yeah, last night (i guess this is the real important part of this post) we fed nathaniel his first meal.  well, i suppose i should say we fed pickles nathaniel’s first meal.  about 90% of the rice cereal ended up on nathaniel’s face and/or bib, maybe 5% ended up inside nathaniel and the last 5% ended up who knows where.  pickles sat on the floor by us licking up the little dribbles that ended up on the floor.

this is ... food?

i am just expeting our dog to gain an awful lot of weight over the next couple years as nathaniel starts eating more and more food and throwing most of it on the floor.  such a shame, we’ve spent years not feeding pickles human food so he leaves us alone at meal time.  all of that work down the drain with the addition of an adorable baby covered in goop.

like everything else, there is going to be some learning involved.  for now, he still tries to eat the spoon like he did the bottle the first few days with that.  he’ll push it out of his mouth, not quite sure what to do with it.  i know tonight he was getting more food than yesterday due to the facial expressions he was making of absolute disgust with the flavor of his meal.

we can start feeding him sushi at 6 months, right?  that will sure make our lives a lot easier.

wait, after you torture me with this food, i have to take a bath too?!?