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every day is something new

playing with the pupster

so nathaniel is seven months and one week old.  you know what the means?  we have to keep him in our line of sight constantly.  this kid can make it from one side of the living room to grabbing at the plants on the other side in the time it takes me to put him on the floor and go to sit on the couch.  in fact, we’ve often found ourselves confused as we lose a visual on him, only to find that he’s hanging out under the coffee table playing with one of pickles’ toys.  actually, that’s one of his favorite new activities.

he loves the earth kong.  absolutely craves it.  if he sees this toy, there is nothing that can stop him from getting to it.  we’ll move the toy somewhere else and he’ll just follow it.  pickles will pick up the toy and wander somewhere with it and nathaniel will follow.  pickles has even sat himself down between nathaniel and the kong, but nathaniel just keeps moving.  pickles enjoys playing with nathaniel, for a time, but then he gets annoyed or something, grumbles to himself and walks away.  this has been happening quite often lately.

i want to get out now

so besides crawling around, nathaniel is also doing some pretty kick ass sitting.  no longer does he sway back and forth trying to keep his balance, he’s in full on sitting down mode.  in fact, he’s even made the move from crawling to sitting up.  i missed how it happened, but he was crawling for pickles’ bed (like i said, he just wants all of the dogs things) and when i looked back at him, he was sitting up with his little baby ipod.  you know what that means?  his mattress has been lowered in his crib.  i’ve also been working with nathaniel on his ability to stand up.  he’s very wobbly, but i don’t have to hold him up anymore, just sort of guide him to not falling over.  no worries, the house has been babyproofed thanks to a gift card for buy buy baby (we prefer babies ‘r us).

not sure what else to report other than nathaniel’s first experience with gefilte fish went about as well as i would have expected.  he ate a little bit, then spit it all out.  he does, however, really like the vast majority of the foods we have been feeding him.  the only thing he wasn’t so happy with was chicken, but other meats (beef and lamb) that we tried he loved, going as far as devouring the lamb i was feeding him.  today he had his first experience with mangos, and liked them so much that if i wasn’t feeding him fast enough he would freak out a little (julia got to experience that when she fed him dinner).  we think it’s because they are sweeter than anything he has eaten so far, that he’s just really liking the sugar rush it’s giving him.

that’s all we need, nathaniel hopped up on sugar.

must have been a rough day


so teething sucks, huh?

proof he wears the bib

so the last couple weeks have been full of an awful lot of sickness.  everyone in this house has been sick at least once, although i think it’s safe to say we’ve either been sick two or more times.  actually, it would probably not be a lie saying the three of us have just been sick continually for a couple weeks.

it all started when some kid came back from a vacation with this awful cough that went to nathaniel (along with enough goop in his sinuses to fill a swimming pool).  he spent long enough hacking up a lung to make me take him to the doctor.  he was fine.  then, my sinuses got all clogged.  after first thinking it was another in the long line of sinus infections i get, it turned out to be whatever nathaniel had.  after a couple days of me being sick, it was julia’s turn.  nathaniel hasn’t fully recovered yet, my throat is still bothering me and julia went to bed at 8.  come to think of it, she’s probably not sick, that’s just her.

in the meantime, nathaniel has become a regular creepy crawler.  we’ll put him down on some blankets and before we make it back to the couch to sit he’s grabbing at something he shouldn’t be.  he’s a fast little guy, able to make it from one corner of the floor to grabbing at the tables with the potted plants on the other side of the room in no time flat.  i spent the better part of an hour moving him to a safe spot and trying to keep myself in between anything that he may be able to pull over on himself.  you know what?  i swear he was smiling as he tried to go back around me.

big kid bath time!

nathaniel has also given up his amateur status and turned pro in ‘sitting.’  at first he was a little bit shaky, having to use his hands to keep himself balanced.  now, while he still tips over occasionally, he’s mastering the art of playing with toys or reaching out for one of us to pick him up when he’s just done being on the floor.  another perk is we no longer have to use the little ramp type thing to help him not drown in the tub.  he isn’t really sure yet if he likes the rubber ducky or not, but at least he’s figuring out the whole keeping his face out of the water thing.

i’ll leave you with this picture, we’re not sure how he got his leg like this, but it required me moving the crib to get him freed up.  at least he was in good spirits.  not to mention i think i have enough pictures for another installment of the ‘strange sleeping position gallery.’

um, a little help here?

what else can i say?

our boys

i just love my little fellas.

seriously, when julia was pregnant, everyone i know who has children told me that there is nothing like how you love your own child – they are 100% correct.

in the past 6½ months i have been peed on, pooped on, spit up on, been sneezed into my mouth and eyes, had my hair and face pulled in every direction imaginable (sometimes multiple directions at the same time), kicked repeatedly, slapped in the head and yelled towards.  absolutely every minute of it has been wonderful.

over the last couple weeks, nathaniel has been battling a couple different colds.  last weekend he had a bit of a bloodshot eye and major sinus congestion.  that cleared up nicely until he got some sort of chest congestion this weekend.  luckily, that cleared up enough to make it to the once postponed breakfast with my father and his parents.  nathaniel had a wonderful time playing with his great-grandmother’s glasses.

and now, a few more terrific sleeping positions –

the semi-pushup

here, as you can see, while nathaniel sleeps, he still tries to complete his daily workouts.  he’s been getting better at one handed pushups, but sometimes he still has to cheat a little with his knees.

i swear i'm not tired

no matter how much he tries to prove to us that he’s not tired, sometimes, mid-conversation, nathaniel will lose his train of thought and just pass out.  maybe he’s frank lautenberg.

i hide my shame

apparently nathaniel is embarrassed about wetting his diaper earlier in the day that he can barely show us his face when he sleeps.

on second thought, i'm not quite ready for daycare

after getting nathaniel all set to go to daycare one morning, we put him down in his crib for a minute so we could clean up a little and finish getting ourselves ready for the day.  in this time, nathaniel took it upon himself to take a power nap.

i know it's not nathaniel ...

but i just had to show everyone that pickles has found his own use for julia’s ‘my breast friend’ pillow.

so last week …

½ birthday cake

… nathaniel had his first party favors cake.  now, for those of you who don’t know, there is a bakery in massachusettes that makes, in all seriousness, the greatest cakes/cupcakes in the history of mankind.  luckily, my mother lives close enough and doesn’t mind getting them for pretty much every occasion in our lives.  this special occasion?  nathaniel’s half-birthday.  after a small cake eating celebration that evening, julia had a small piece the next day, and i finished that cake.

seriously, i just can’t help myself.

well, back to the child at hand – his continuing growth and accomplishments continue to amaze and amuse us.

he is still not a huge fan of the rice cereal, but he sure loves the oatmeal.  he’s a big fan of apples, pears and bananas, but we think he may be allergic to peaches.  he’ll stay sitting (mostly) if we prop him up, but he mostly enjoys flopping himself back down.  although today, while i was bathing him, he pulled himself up to be sitting in the tub, and stayed that way pretty much the entire time.

is it ok if i play with these rings too?

still, my favorite thing to watch, is how nathaniel and pickles ‘play’ together.  for the most part, pickles runs around and nathaniel laughs.  every now and then pickles will get himself close enough that nathaniel realizes it and grabs at him.  in all the times this has happened, pickles has always stayed calm and sort of let nathaniel do his thing.  if he gets upset, he’ll grumble like an old man and walk out of reach.

case in point the other night.

we were all laying on the bed watching tv (ok, the tv was on, julia was playing with nathaniel, pickles was sleeping and i was on a laptop) when pickles decided he wanted to sit down a little closer to nathaniel.  nathaniel, in the way that he does, got very excited seeing the dog and started kicking his legs.  he kicked pickles directly in the face. pickles grumbled, walked over to me, noticed i wasn’t going to give him any help and walked right back to where he was and sat back down.  nathaniel saw him again and got excited.  he kicked pickles in the face once more.  pretty much this entire cycle went on for a solid 10 minutes before pickles decided he had enough and came to lay down by me.

laughing and chewing

another example of how good pickles is with nathaniel is when i was holding nathaniel on my lap the other day.  i was roughhousing with the puppy as i always do, and he was giving it right back to me.  pickles was more or less biting the crap out of my hand when nathaniel decided he wanted in on the action as well.  he leaned over and reached out his hand for the dog.  pickles detached himself from my hand, turned towards nathaniel, licked his hand, and went right back to biting me.

he’s such a fantastic puppy, and nathaniel’s not too shabby himself.  i can’t wait for them to chase each other around the house.  should be soon, as nathaniel’s slither-roll–crawling is starting to pick up speed and distance.