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sometimes babies are jerks

our baby sith, darthaniel

so julia and i can’t really complain because people have it way worse than us, but nathaniel has developed a real annoying habbit.  every night he wakes up around 4am hungry.  i guess we can’t fault him since he goes to bed around 7pm, and 9 hours is a pretty decent chunk of time to sleep, but seriously, it’s very inconsiderate of him.

we tried a new strategy of keeping him awake until closer to 8 or 8:30.  those results were interesting.  he woke up at 1:30.  then again at 4.  so how do we deal with this?  we alternate nights of who gets to sit with him to feed him a bottle.  damn julia and her giving up breast feeding.  he used to always sleep until we woke up in the morning until she stopped.  or maybe i’m remembering it completely wrong, who knows.

on the bright side, as soon as he eats a little bit he falls right back asleep until we’re up for the morning.

he really loved getting under things

i set up nathaniel’s musical table the other day.  while he it’s a little tall for him to see what he’s hitting on it while he’s sitting down, he has found another fun activity – crawling underneath.  everywhere he goes, one of the first things he does is go exploring for what he can or cannot get himself under.  his personal favorite is still coffee tables, but he goes under end tables and play tables just the same.  if he ever managed to get himself into our dining room before we stopped him, i’m sure we’d find him under a chair or two as well.

we’ve been experimenting a little bit more with some new foods as well.  tonight, julia fed him his first yogurt.  apparently he went crazy for it, much like he does for mangos.  watching nathaniel get crazy over food is pretty amusing.  he goes completely insane if you don’t feed him fast enough.  the other day he was leaning towards me semi-yelling until i put another spoonful in his mouth.

that seems to be something nathaniel has been trying out on us lately as well.  he’ll cry an awful lot if he doesn’t get what he wants.  someone really should have informed him that both of his parents are ridiculously stubborn and can tune out a lot of noise.  when he’s tired, it’s very obvious.  he does his very best to try to fight sleep when we first put him down.  usually he’ll cry for about 3-5 minutes before he’s passed out unconscious.  it’s a rough couple of minutes for us, as well as him, but i guess it’s what we have to do.

nathaniel has also had his fair share of fun new experiences the last couple days.

i love swings!!!

julia and i went over to jason and kristy’s house for a visit and nathaniel got to experience greyhounds for the first time.  after he crawled for the first (prolonged) time on hands and knees and not just army crawling around the floor, he found a new friend in willow.  ruby wasn’t really interested so she just went to her bed and took a nap, but willow stood guard of nathaniel for most of the time we were there.

nathaniel also got to go to a park for the first time.  julia and nathaniel went out to lunch with one of julia’s friends and her 3 year old and 2 month old.  afterward they decided to go to a playground to have some fun.  nathaniel absolutely loved being on a swing, which probably isn’t too surprising since he loves being tossed in the air.

maybe we’re raising a daredevil.


i have declared …

now you see me ...

so first, let me once again say that keeping an eye on nathaniel at all times is imperative.  his new favorite activity is slinking his way under things and hanging out.  julia sent me this picture while i was at work the other day.  i have no idea what pickles is going to do since he usually hangs out under this exact table when he wants to get away from things.  if it wasn’t for the design of our futon upstairs, he probably would have gotten himself under that as well.  glad he didn’t because it would have taken forever to figure out where he was.

second, i have officially declared a first word; ‘dada.’  he has been rambling for months now, adding some consonants to his arsenal over the last few weeks.  he has often gone on a ‘dadadadadadadadadadadada’ tangent but the other day he was laying in his crib obviously craving some sort of attention, and called out ‘dada.’  when i walked into the room he smiled (like he does when anyone walks into his room, but i’m claiming this as a win for me) and raised his arms for me to pick him up.  when i did, i asked him who was ‘dada?’  he smacked me on the shoulder.  i asked him again.  he slapped me in the face.  i asked again, he smacked me on the shoulder and face.  this led me to believe that he was understanding the concept of dad.

julia took him from me and asked who dada was.  he slapped her in the face.  this led me to believe that i was getting excited over nothing.

another day, another blockade put in front of something

covered in tiny sleeping things

due to the recent discovery by nathaniel that he can now get to pretty much anything he wants to, we have been realizing that there are things he can reach that he shouldn’t be able to reach.  case in point – computer wires.  he managed to unplug the printer before i moved him away.  no big deal, but now, the wires are blocked off from any way he can get to them.  what does he go for now?  the xbox.  nathaniel was exploring upstairs when all of a sudden i notice the xbox is booting up.  what do i see?  nathaniel hanging out smiling with his hand on the power button.  there is now something blocking him from getting back over there.  baby-proofing is a fun process.  one that i am sure will continue for years.

so today is easter.  nathaniel is super excited for today.  in fact, he got himself so worked up to see the family that he ended up passing out.  as you can see from the picture, nathaniel and pickles take after one another.

now i sleep on you!

so after a while nathaniel decided he wanted to wake up.  after he woke up, he noticed he had drooled all over himself (and his father) he needed an outfit change.  after that, he remembered that he was about to have an awesome time at his great aunt’s house and he passed out again on julia.

good times were had by all.