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been a crazy few weeks

making it hard for mommy to change my diaper

so we got to experience the super fun time of nathaniel running his first fever.  julia and i now know what it’s like for parents who’s children are terrible sleepers, and i must say, after three days of it julia and i were at wits end.  i have no idea how people do this for months.

it all started a couple friday’s ago.

nathaniel got very congested friday night.  he went to bed around 7:30pm (as per normal) and woke up around 1am so congested he couldn’t breathe too well.  after spending a good 10 minutes aspirating him clean, he went back to bed.  most of that saturday he was just miserable.  he never really took a nap, his nose was dripping almost constantly, and every 45 minutes to an hour i would have to clear him out again.  mid day julia noticed that he was burning up.  we took his temperature and he was up around 102.

that night nathaniel was up every 45 minutes.  we were getting his temperature down alternating between tylenol and motrin and alternating shifts of who got to try to get him back to sleep.  now, if you aren’t familiar with the practice, sleeping in hour shifts with about 30 minutes of a screaming sick baby is not something that i recommend trying.  i guess every now and again it’s good for us to remind julia and i how nice we have it with this baby, and to prepare us for when we have another child.  our feeling is that we doubt we’ll manage to have two babies that sleep this well.

his temperature was still down when we got him up monday, but he was still congested.  we attempted daycare.  when julia dropped nathaniel off, he decided to throw up.  she gave me a call, i left work early monday to pick him up and bring him to the doctor.

adorable sleeping nathaniel

besides being congested, his fever was still down.  his lungs were clear, his ears and throat were fine.  he was in much better spirits than he had been, which is nice considering he was operating on about as much sleep as we were.  for the last few days he was barely napping, he refused to eat solids and was so congested it took him forever to finish a bottle since he couldn’t breathe through his nose.  after telling us that he was really too young to give any actual medication to, the doc just told me that if his temperature rose again to give him some more tylonol.  i stayed home on tuesday to make sure that nathaniel was recovering some more.  it was a ncie day.  nathaniel had been so tired from the previous weekend that he spent most of the day asleep laying on my chest on the couch as i read.  overall, i had a very productive weekend of reading with a baby asleep on me.  i finished one book, read three and started another.

wednesday he was back to daycare, the fever had been gone for over two days but he was still congested.  as the week went on, he felt better and better and actually tuesday night he was back to his normal sleep pattern (around 7:30pm to about 5am) which was a very nice relief.

the following week was mostly uneventful, with the exception of nathaniel can pull himself up to a standing position now.  looks like the next phase of babyproofing is going to have to happen now.

just chillin'

this past weekend nathaniel experienced his first hotel stay.  we were away for julia’s brother brian’s wedding.  we drove out friday afternoon with an entire car full of stuff for nathaniel and one small suitcase for julia and me.  it really is crazy just how much stuff you realize you actually need with a baby.  i guess it’s not too surprising since our house is basically filled with stuff for nathaniel, but when you have to pack it all up and go somewhere it really just seems crazy.

my mother came out friday night and joanna came out saturday so that they could be our babysitters while we were at the wedding saturday.  nathaniel came with us friday night to the rehersal and rehersal dinner, where he of course stole the show, being the adorable little fella that he is.  this caused him to become a local celebrity for the rest of the weekend.  anywhere i went in the hotel, everyone would ask about nathaniel.  i had random guests popping into my room to see him getting upset when he was napping and they wouldn’t get a chance to play with him.  saturday night, after the wedding, i was going down to the front desk to get change for a $5 so i could get a bottle of water for julia.  two girls who were at the wedding were on the elevator with me asking if i was going down to the bar to hang out with everyone.  when i told them that i had a sleeping baby in my room and i was going back to bed, they responded with ‘oh my god, nathaniel?  he has the brightest blue eyes! he’s so adorable!’ and some other stuff i couldn’t figure out because they had been drinking for about 6 hours.  i have never seen them before, i have no idea when they saw nathaniel, but word spread around about him i guess.  yeah, he’s awesome.

i’m exhausted, so i’ll update more about this weekend and julia’s first mother’s day later.