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my first father’s day

happpy father's day!

in honor of father’s day, i got the pleasure of sleeping until 6am today!  i guess i could have slept a bit later, because julia was taking care of the nathaniel morning shift, but my stupid internal alarm clock sucks.  i got two books i really wanted, i got some gummy bears and most of all, i got the gift of an awesome little boy (and a mostly awesome little dog).  off to a bbq shortly to overdose on lamb chops!


Time funs when you’re having flies

SUPRISE! a new post!

so as you can imagine, with a (now) nine month old in the house, the time for updating this site has vanished.  since the last time i was here, so much has happened in the life of little nathaniel, so i’ll cram as much as i can into this post.

where to start … ?  i guess with his 9 month check up.  he’s continuing to grow at a steady rate.  of course, he’s still on the smaller side of whatever ‘average’ is for his age, but he looks normal.  we’ve seen some pretty obese babies, and if that is what is technically ‘normal,’ i’m glad he’s on the small side.  he is healthy in ever way, and is developing at, or above expectations for his age.  his next appointment is after he’s a year old (which i cannot believe is in a few months).

pickles knows where to hang out when nathaniel's eating his food.

of course, nathaniel is continuing to crawl around at blurring speeds, so the baby proofing was stepped up another notch.

he also decided he wanted to not only stand up, but start scooting along anything and everything.  if he sees something he wants to put in his mouth (which is everything), he manages to get to it.  tables that used to be too high for him are now well within reach.  his love of remote controls has grown to include yelling at us when we take them away from him.  julia came up with a new strategy to deal with the yelling.  any time he has something that we don’t want him to have, we’ll say ‘oh, nathaniel, is that for me?  thank you so much!’ take it from him, and thank him again.  he hasn’t yelled at us since.

another thing nathaniel started doing that has made us further baby proof the houseis walking.  one day at daycare, julia send me a text message that he pulled himself up with some lawnmower toy and started walking around.

wandering around

we went to babies ‘r us and picked nathaniel up a walking/riding convertible toy.  now, he wanders all around the house.  you know what? after walking all day at work, there is nothing i enjoy more than walking all evening at home.  thankfully our house isn’t that large, and we can block of sections of it by easily closing these things called ‘doors’ so it’s not so bad.

pickles has continued his pattern of playing with nathaniel on his own terms.  whenever nathaniel’s attention is elsewhere, pickles runs up and licks him.  as soon as nathaniel turns his attention to the puppy, pickles runs the heck away.  he has also started trying to get nathaniel to chase him around.  when pickles wants me to play with him, he’ll nibble on my hand, jump back and bark.  when he wants nathaniel to play, he nudges his hand, jumps back and barks.  it’s funny to watch, because as soon as nathaniel actually goes after him, pickles realizes what he has done and runs the heck away.  good times.

and now, for some more pictures of me sleeping.

tired of playing

the other day, nathaniel was playing and singing (well, his version of singing) in his playpen.  i was reading on the couch, realized it got quiet all of a sudden and looked over at the baby.  there he was, fast asleep.  i can assure you, after trying it out for myself, that giraffe is one exhausting toy.

no idea how his neck isn't always stiff

this is actually semi-reminiscent of how pickles sleeps on his side.  i guess nathaniel saw it one day and decided to try it out.

the king-sized bed

when we were away for my brother-in-law’s wedding, we had a king-sized bed in our room.  one morning, after we all woke up, nathaniel was getting tired.  i was laying on the bed with him, he passed out, and a series of pictures ensued.  this is one of the funnier ones, showing the tiny size of nathaniel compared to the giant size of the bed.

and now, quite possibly my favorite sleeping nathaniel picture –

sooo tired

i was picking up an awake nathaniel to change his diaper and put him in his crib.  he shifted around in my arms until he made it to this position and passed out.  nathaniel is awesome.  he’s just awesome.