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some more fun sleep pics as a birthday treat

chillin' with my godmother

one thing about nathaniel, is that he has always been fantastic at falling asleep on people.  here he is with his godmother, jackie, just napping.

i just don't know what to say

again, is this showing his laziness, or is this showing his innovation?  not only is he hands-free drinking from his bottle, he is also using this as an opportunity to take a nap.  i love how babies sleep-eat.  i wish i could do that, because it would give me another hour or so of sleep a night.

playtime is hard

he must have been giving it everything he had, because one second i hear cow noises and bells ringing, the next his head is flopping to the right.  i have a strange feeling we’re going to be getting calls that he’s falling asleep in class.

tuckered from a long day

tired babies are fun when they try to keep themselves awake.  they’re even more fun when they actually fall asleep.  not only is it nice and quiet, but it’s pretty adorable at time as well.


One year ago today …

where has the time gone?

julia and i welcomed nathaniel thomas into our family and our hearts, and what a crazy year it has been.

who knew that the time would figuratively fly by at such a pace that would make it seem like only days passed between him sleeping 20 hours a day to him chasing our dog around the house?  julia and i were playing with (holding) her cousins 3 month old yesterday, wondering how our own little fella has grown so much.  gone are the days when he basically does everything we want him to do, he’s in his own world now, determined to get to whatever it is he wants, no matter how much we don’t want him to have it.


for his birthday, he’s managed to score some pretty decent loot.  he got the gift of a rocking horse (from my mother) a couple days early so she could watch and enjoy him playing with it before she went back home.  the first time he was on it, he was a little nervous.  now?  holy crap it’s tough to pry him away.  that was, until he received his gift from his great-grandparents –

They see my rollin'

talk about impossible to get him away from something.  as long as this car is anywhere within his visibility range, he’s there.  he even dances along with the ‘radio’ as he’s driving around our house like an asian lady (sorry susan, but well, you know) crashing into everything that’s remotely near him.  he got a plethora of other toys, and more clothes than we know what to do with, so i’m sure more pictures will follow if you don’t see him playing with your toy here.  i do, however, think that out of everything he got, the elmo dvds are going to give him the most enjoyment because this little kid is OBSESSED.

oh yeah, this kid can still fall asleep in the greatest positions, so i’ll post another gallery of some of the better shots later.