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our first battle with conjunctivitis

giraffe bomb

nathaniel is always such a happy baby.  we’ve discovered something (other than teething) that turns him into a monster – conjunctivitis with a side of ear infection.

last week he started to get the sniffles as we pretty much expect when he’s in daycare.   wednesday/thursday he was pretty much just a congested mess.  his nose was running and he had an awful sounding cough, but since everyone else at daycare was pretty much the same we thought nothing of it.  dismissing it as just a cold or something.  at first, i was thinking it may have ever been allergies since mine were starting to bother me.

friday his eye started to look a little red and puffy. saturday it looked a little worse.   sunday when he woke up his eye was crusted and puffed out a lot.  monday i took him to the doctor and before he even really started checking him over he was telling me it’s pink eye.  apparently with pink eye, it is often accompanied by an ear infection so nathaniel got the double whammy.  what could possibly make it worse?  oh, that’s right, he has about 3 or 4 new teeth pushing their way through his gums.

i got to spend the last few days at home with a sick nathaniel while the antibiotics do their thing.  he’s much better, although still a little crabby and not quite eating full meals yet (so we’ve been pretty much just giving him a never ending stream of milk or juice or something to drink).

blowing kisses good-bye

we can tell he’s getting better because he’s back mostly to his old self.  his new favorite thing is blowing kisses.  in fact, as i am typing this, he’s sitting behind me blowing kisses to the television, the couch and the computer.  it’s pretty amusing.  he’ll say ‘good-bye’ (in his baby sort of way), wave and blow a kiss.

this kid is awesome..


just toddling along

my sesame street (birthday gift) couch

so i’m guessing it’s probably time nathaniel gets his first haircut.  i guess it’s probably also time that julia and i have enough time (and energy) to actually go and get him this haircut.  with that being said, hopefully he gets his hair cut at some point in the next couple weeks.

nathaniel now spends most of his time walking around the house.  actually, i should rephrase that.  nathaniel spends most of his time speeding around the house chasing after pickles.  now that nathaniel is a little bit older, pickles is no longer afraid of him.  this leads to lots of interesting roughhousing.  pickles still doesn’t bite at him like he does with me, instead he licks him as he’s darting around trying to get him to give chase.  it also leads to adorable moments when nathaniel hugs pickles like he’s a stuffed animal.  speaking of which, nathaniel is absolutely crazy about this blue stuffed dog that he got when he was born.

hugging my puppy

another fun thing nathaniel likes to do right now is flinging himself at stuff.  he mostly likes to do it to me and julia.  i’ll lay down on the floor, he’ll be running around me and next thing i know, there’s a baby standing over me about to pounce.  before i can position myself to take the least amount of damage possible, he’s already sprawled across my head.  it wouldn’t be so bad, but after the dive, he likes to yell in my ear.

mommy and me in my adorable overalls

while i am still generally upset at the lack of really cute outfits for boys, every once in a while we stumble upon some real gems (or he gets them as gifts).  case in point – these overalls.  i would have liked to get a picture of him without the bottle in his face, but this kid freaking loves his apple juice.  once he gets the site of that bottle in his eyes, nothing is going to stop him from getting there.

nathaniel has re-adjusted to daycare pretty well.  in fact, once he gets there he wants nothing to do with me or julia.  he takes off for the woman who runs the daycare as soon as he sets foot on the ground.  so much for seperation anxiety, huh?