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nathaniel’s first boston trip

discovering the joys of vertical blinds

so last weekend, we took nathaniel up to visit the family up in massachusetts for the first time.  we were a little nervous about how nathaniel would be in the long car ride, especially since we were leaving around dinner time, and of course, he’s nothing but surprises.  we gave him dinner and figured he’d pass out shortly after we got going.


he decided to just hang out with us for the first few hours of the trip taking in the wonderful sites of route 95.  maybe some milk would get him to go to sleep?  not a chance.  he drank it all up and was just as awake as he could have been.  when did he decide to fall sleep?  when we hit the border of massachusettes of course.

drinking with gramps

when we got to my mother’s place, nathaniel of course woke up.  what did he then decide to do?  stay awake for the next 4 hours running around like a madman until he finally passed out.  good times.

the next morning we went over to visit gramps and bernice, where nathaniel was, as always, a huge hit.  we decided not to tell them we were coming up so it would be a surprise, and i guess it worked because, well, it was a surprise.  gramps was pretty happy we made it up to boston, especially since it was only the second time he’s seen him.  not to mention the fact that nathaniel now climbs all over things instead of just laying down wherever you put him, so this visit was more exciting.

after that we went out to lunch with my aunt and uncle where nathaniel decided to show off his newest trick – gagging on his food.  he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of swallowing the food he has in his mouth.  instead he likes to just keep putting more and more food in there until he finally gags and spits it all out.  let me tell you, it’s even more exciting when he does it in the middle of a restaurant.

down the slide with his cousins

we finished off the day with a trip over to my cousins house, where nathaniel spent some time with her kids on the school playground down the street.  after a little while on the swings, nathaniel was treated to his first trips down a slide with his cousins caroline and sofia.  the only thing that was upsetting to him was when we decided to leave and go back to their house.  he quickly forgot about it when he decided to play with their dog, maggie, instead.  nathaniel continued his pattern of hugging dogs of all sizes when he wandered up to her (who’s about 40 pounds larger than he is) and drapes his arms around her neck.  at least we know he’s a dog person.

we left to come home in the morning around nathaniel’s normal first nap time (about 7am – sicne he wakes up at 5 or so).  we got into the car, nathaniel was up through about half of rhode island and passed right out.  i took this opportunity to drive as fast as i could to get as close to home before he decided to wake up.  stupid bridgeport, ct congestion.  we were about 45 minutes from home when he woke up and was doing fine until we got stuck in traffic for a while.  eventually he calmed down and went back to sleep for a little while finishing off the complete and utter destruction of his normal sleep schedule.  luckily he’s pretty easy going with it and was back in the swing of things about a day and a half later.



our future athlete

wait ... i can look out the front now?

so nathaniel has his new car throne and is loving it.  an entire new world has opened up to him while we travel, but mostly he likes staring at the good luck pouch julia has hanging from her rear view mirror.  he keeps trying, but it’s just out of his reach.

at least he’s feeling a million times better than he was last a couple weeks ago, because that was brutal for us all.  it looked like the pink eye wanted to stick around a little bit longer than he was invited for, but an extra day of the eye drops sent him packing.  last we heard, he was heading west on I80 hoping to start a new life in sunny california.  nathaniel, on the other hand, is just happy hanging out here gnawing on things with his tooth filled mouth.

his uncle brian will be proud (as will the producers of ‘the gate’) by another of nathaniel’s new activities – tackling things.  his favorite target is, of course, pickles.  pickles, luckily, is fast enough to get away most of the time, but every now and then he gets trapped by nathaniel who dives on him.  he isn’t trying to hurt him, he just likes to give hugs.  i discovered this as i was blocking the dvd player from him when i felt something jump onto my back.  of course it was nathaniel who proceeded to grab on until i gave him a piggy-back ride.

good times.