Monthly Archives: November 2010

just noticed it’s been over a month since i posted anything

i don’t have a lot of time to write, now, but i’ll throw up some halloween pictures in case you haven’t seen any yet.

heading out

here is nathaniel setting out on his first halloween treck.  the bag he was carrying was almost as tall as he was, so as you can imagine how amusing it was watching him trying to walk while stepping on the bag.

at grandma and grandpa's

after we took him around the block at our house, we went over to julia’s parent’s house so julia’s old neighbors could see nathaniel.  outside their house, they had a bale of hay set up, so of course we decided to take a couple pictures.

our happy monster

we seriously need to dress nathaniel in blue more often, because it really makes his eye color stand out.  this was almost the end of our day, and while he was getting tired, and even though he didn’t get why people where putting candy in his bag (that he would take out of the bag and sometimes put back in the bowl) nathaniel had a pretty good day overall.

i’ll post a more detailed update when nathaniel gives me a chance.