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what a couple weeks

wait, EVERYONE'S been sick?!?

so for the past two weeks, we’ve all pretty much been sick.  i thought that i had managed to escape it somehow, but it caught me at the start of this week.  let’s go back –

a little over two weeks ago julia started feeling ill.  let me just say that i recommend not feeling sick during non-doctor’s office hours.  the local doc-in-a-box  is an idiot.  from machinery not working correctly to missed diagnosis to $200 prescriptions it’s absolutely not worth it.  needless to say, after three doctor visits and about 432 hours of recovery time julia is feeling better.  she still has a cough but instead of having a fit every 10 minutes, it’s closer to every few hours.

during the first week of this going on, i was on nathaniel duty.  julia, like any normal parent, would want to try to avoid having nathaniel catch whatever it was that she had, so i got to hang out with the boy pretty much the entire time we were home.  the positive?  we got a lot of bonding time in.  the negative?  i’d get up around 5am with him, get him fed, ready to daycare head to work, get him from daycare, play for a bit, feed him dinner, hang out some more and then get him to bed.  by the time i was finally able to relax it was somewhere around 7pm.  now, i did this for maybe 4 days, i have no idea how single parents handle it because holy crap it’s exhausting.

if i pretend to read, maybe they'll leave me alone

so as i get to daycare to pick up nathaniel last thursday, there is a notice letting parents know that kids in every age group have come down with a stomach bug.  nathaniel seems to be ok and wolfs down dinner.  he’s playing around fine, seems happy and goes to bed around his normal bed time.

that’s when the fun began.

from around 10:30 straight through the night nathaniel was waking up every hour or so throwing up.  so julia and i were alternating getting up every hour or so to clean him up, change him, change his sheets and in one case give him a bath.  you know how we could tell her really wasn’t feeling well?  when we got him ready for bed each time and put him back into his crib, he never fought with us even though he was pretty much awake.  he just laid there all sad looking.  luckily the night ended because we were down to only one more set of sheets or sheet cover for his bed.

damn, it sure is good to be a gangsta

as for friday, he was much better.  he was still a little bit sick, but by the time i got home from work he was closer to his normal self, just more tired.  now keep in mind julia has been sick this entire time as well.  this is when the fun really starts.  after getting better friday and saturday, saturday night nathaniel decides to have a very special encore performance of one of his early thursday night barfalogues.  lucky for us (and him) it was a limited run and he felt better afterwards.

sunday around dinner time, my stomach decides to turn and i took over the lead role for the night.  stupidly i attempted to go to work monday morning, made it about an hour and a half before i left and went to the doctors.  much like everyone else, i have a virus so i came home, drank about a gallon of pepto and 3 gallons of tea and passed out.  tuesday i spent the day in bed watching the special editions of the lord of the rings movies, and by evening time i felt back to my old self.

wednesday was my day off so nathaniel and i had another day of hanging out and him attempting to tell me all about the dog and christmas tree.  after 7800 “dahg”s and 6 or 8000 “tee”s my day was complete.

bye guys, i'm going out to get your christmas presents.


finally have a few minutes to give an update

best friends (most of the time)

since nathaniel became mobile many months ago (can’t believe it’s been that long) pickles has had a confused/hate relationship with him.  he never quite knew what to make of him.  on the one hand, he had someone to chase him around (his favorite game to play) all the time.  on the other hand, if nathaniel got his hands on him, usually it would turn into hair or tail pulling.

now that nathaniel understands things – even though he pretends not to – their relationship has been becoming much more fun to watch.  there are still times when nathaniel will grab a little too tight, and while pickles doesn’t necessarily like it, he’s never done anything other than look at us and grumble like an old man.  we’ve explained as best as you can to a 15 month old about being nice and how you pet a dog.  nathaniel will often go over to pickles, and after telling us he’s a dog 40 or 50 times, he’ll pet him saying ‘naaaahhhhhhhs.’  he’s even been known to give pickles hugs and kisses as well.

big blue eyes

the other day may have been the most amusing thing our two boys have ever done together.  when my mother was visiting for chana … hana … chanukah(?) she gave pickles a new toy.  nathaniel took to it right away, as he seems to only like dog toys now.  so as nathaniel picked up the toy and walked off, pickles looked at us, sent us a telepathic message of ‘oh no he didn’t!’ and went to reclaim what was his.  this led to a long tug-of-war battle for the toy.  since this is pickles’ 2nd favorite game to play he was in heaven, and nathaniel was in hysterical laughter the entire time.  who enjoyed it the most do you ask?  julia and me.  our two trouble makers were both occupied and it gave us a chance to sit down and relax for a bit without having to worry about who was in what room doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing.

hide the baby

we made a trip over to my father’s place for breakfast last weekend (sadly there was no french toast – but i’ll live) and while the final preparations were being made, i figured i’d let nathaniel go through the children’s right of passage of playing with paper and boxes.  after running around kicking the brown paper laughing for a few minutes, it was time to duck into the giant box and crawl around.  i guess he was may be starting his ninja training or something.  i didn’t want to let him know it was obvious he was under the box, especially once it started moving its way across the floor.

other than that, there’s not an awful lot more to report on.  thanksgiving went without incident, same with chanukah and i assume christmas will be the same.  considering that there are always cameras around at all of these holidays, i don’t think i’ve ever seen any pictures.  maybe people walk around with cameras so they don’t have to talk to anyone?

well, i guess nathaniel saying ‘waffles’ is exciting.  he enjoys waffles.  he enjoys eating waffles.  he enjoys talking to waffles.  he enjoys throwing waffles at pickles so he can enjoy eating them as well.  i guess it’s true what they say – waffles are awesome.