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so nathaniel has learned about the garbage


like every toddler i’ve ever known or seen, nathaniel enjoys throwing food on the floor.  this doesn’t help us out with pickles since we’ve never given him people food, but apparently he loves cheerios and waffles as much as nathaniel does.  anyway, nathaniel, once he is basically finished eating, instead of telling us he’s done, he decides to throw his food.  julia came up with a terrific way to clean this up after he’s done.

as soon as we take him out of the hi-chair, nathaniel has to pick up what he threw on the floor and throw it into the garbage.  this is one of his favorite new games, apparently, as we have found him trying to throw all sorts of things into the garbage (like the magnetic letters we have on the refrigerator).

enjoying opening gifts on christmas

another new development in the life of nathaniel is the deletion of his morning nap.

he used to take two naps a day, from around 7:30-9ish and from 1-2:30ish, but now it has just morphed into one nap from about 10-lunchtime.  when i’m home during the day with him i sort of miss the two naps, for it let me catch up on the tivo while he was asleep.  but this is also pretty nice because he’s now asleep at a perfect time so i can make the two of us lunch.

nathaniel also has a new favorite tv show (no matter how many times i try to show him fraggle rock, he’s just not that interested yet), yo gabba gabba!  as soon as dj lance rock walks onto the screen nathaniel shouts ‘YO DABBA DABBA!’ and sits down to watch.  the show is possibly the most insane show i’ve ever seen but at the same time is pretty awesome.  i’ve learned that you don’t, you don’t, you don’t bite your friends.  it’s a shame it took me 33 years to figure that out, because it would have saved me a lot of aggravation when i was growing up.

taking pickles to a movie



17 months (and a couple days)

best friends

so it’s been a while, i know, it’s been busy here so i’ll try to cram as much stuff into this as i can.

nathaniel and pickles are continuing their love/torture relationship.  nathaniel tricks pickles by hugging and kissing him, causing pickles to let his guard down.  shortly after that nathaniel will dive at pickles and not let go.  pickles is a pretty good sport about it.  so far, his best revenge has been grabbing nathaniel’s pants leg when he was sitting and playing and dragging him across the room.  nathaniel’s response?  he laughed hysterically, dragged himself back across the room for pickles to do it again.  the two of them are nuts.

nathaniel has also been experimenting with real foods.  pretty much everything julia and i eat he’ll try some.  i have discovered that he shares my love for turkey.  i cooked a bird for new years and after giving nathaniel a piece to try, he followed me around the house asking for more.  by the way, he signs stuff that he can’t say, so i guess i should say he followed me around the house signing for more.


the two foods he loves the most are hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.  the other day when i was home with nathaniel i asked him what he wanted for lunch.  he shouts ‘CHEEEEESE!’ and runs to his chair.

it’s a real good thing this kid is so darn cute, or else i’d get more upset when he randomly smacks me in the face.  luckily that’s been happening much less frequently.  he does it for attention, so i just ignore him when he hits and he usually just walks away.  same thing with pulling hair.

other than that i guess there really isn’t much else that’s new so i’ll leave you with this adorable picture of nathaniel sleep thinking.

what a crazy day