Monthly Archives: April 2011

he took my food right out of my hands

seriously, right out of my hands

so the other day while nathaniel was eating his lunch, i made myself a turkey sandwich.  nathaniel saw the turkey meat and was reaching for it, so i asked him if he wanted to have some.  he told me no as he was shaking his head yes and opening his mouth.  i gave him a little bit and his eyes opened real wide with excitement.  so once he was done with his food, i gave him a few slices of turkey meat to have as well.  as he was eating i continued eating my food.  when he finished, he was reaching for my sandwich and saying ‘more!’ so i held it for him to take a bite to see if he’d even like the whole thing.

what does he do?

he took the sandwich right out of my hands and proceeded to eat it right in front of me.  i know that since he has been born julia and i have (rarely) had hot meals together or the time to finish our meals at the same time.  outright having my food taken from my hands has just pushed this to the next level.  the kicker?  he didn’t really like the rye bread or something, because he decided to take it apart and just eat the turkey meat.  talk about another slap in the face.

hey daddy, i'm all done with YOUR lunch

nathaniel also has a new game he likes to play with us.  it mostly involves nathaniel getting up on one of the couches, sitting nicely for a minute or two, and then either running across the couch or jumping on the couch or flinging himself onto the pillows.  now comes the fun part – sometimes he misses and flings himself off of the couch entirely.  we combat this happening by not letting him up on the couch without one of us.

now comes the game part (to him anyway) –

when we tell him no and take him off of the couch, he’ll run over and jump onto the love seat.  when we take him off of there, he runs over and jumps onto the couch.  this goes on for a few minutes until he starts to get angry with us, at which point he does one of the following:  a) pulls our hair  b) hits us or  c) has a massive meltdown where he screams and cries for about 10 minutes.  how do we deal with this?  we pretty much just ignore him (when we aren’t trying to weave his fingers out of our hair) as best as we can until he calms down.  it’s a truly wonderful experience, let me tell you.  at least when it’s all said and done and he finally calms down he comes over to us, gives us a big hug and a kiss.

running around the shed

seriously, when he isn’t freaking out over something like not being allowed on the couch or something similar, he’s a real wonderful kid.  he’s still loving this nice weather we’ve been having.  julia bought him a new ball for outside that he enjoys kicking around the yard.  when pickles comes outside with us (he basically sprints around the yard) nathaniel loves running after/with him.  he’s still getting a kick out of his slide (although he sometimes forgets to pick up his feet and stops himself halfway down) yelling ‘whee!’ the entire way down.

it’s going to be a real fun summer over here.