Monthly Archives: May 2011

time funs when you’re having flies


it's not raining? let's go OUTSIDE!

so the weather has been pretty awful for the last week or two, which has severely cut down on nathaniel’s ability to tire himself out in the yard.  this, of course, leads to him getting into all sorts of trouble inside.

over the last month or so nathaniel has realized that he can do an awful lot more than he used to be able to, and with ease.  his new favorite way to give us a heart attack?  standing up on the center piece of his sit-‘n-spin and jumping.  this lead us to take that away from him before he falls flat on his face.  what does he do now for fun?  he climbs onto the coffee table that we had strategically positioned blocking off the entertainment center and tv.  well, that’s now all gone to hell since he just climbs on it and reaches for things.  what i wish, is that someone invents some sort of super-gravity boots that we can put on him to keep him on the floor.

the other thing nathaniel really likes to do is help out around the house.  anything that julia or i am doing, he has to get himself involved.  from cleaning up, to eating to playing with the dog, he’s always right there with us.

huh? yeah! of course i'm sitting in my new phone chair.

when i put my shoes on in the morning, i’ll place my foot up on one of the steps so i don’t have to bend down too far to tie them.  every morning nathaniel runs right over to me, places his foot up on the bottom step and pretends to fumble around with shoe laces.

when we take the dog for a walk, not only does pickles run right over by the shelf where we keep his treats, but nathaniel does too.  he LOVES giving treats to pickles.  most of the time he holds the treats out nicely for him (which is far better than when he used to throw the treats at his head and run away) but on occasion he will try to hold on to the treat as hard as he can as pickles is trying to pull it form his hand.  so far, pickles has ALWAYS won.  then nathaniel says ‘good boy’ and pets him on the head.

he has a t-shirt that reads ‘will make a mess if left unattended’ and boy oh boy is that the truth.

dog sleeps on my couch, i sleep on his bed

our living room will be nice and orderly with nathaniel playing with his cars on the floor.  he’ll ask for something (a drink, a snack, a book) and we will get up to get it.  then, the loud crashes begin.  when we get back into the room, not only are the pillows from the couches thrown on the floor, his couch is flipped over, he’s taken the bins out of his toy shelf, dumped the contents on the floor and thrown the bins themselves across the room.  then he’ll take his drink (if he had one), turn it upside down and press down on the nozzle so whatever was in there pours out.  he splashes that around on the floor or the table with his hands until he is also covered in liquid.  then he sees us get back, puts on a look that says ‘it was like this before i got here’ and laugh.

that evil, evil laugh.