Monthly Archives: June 2011

my special day

guess who i get to spend my father’s day with?  my two awesome little boys.

daddy? you going to join us on the couch?


also, guess what i’ll probably end up watching for the billionth time.

what can i say? i LOVE this movie!

yeah, that’s right –


can’t win ’em all i guess.


this kid LOVES cars

who doesn't love cars?

nathaniel loves all things cars.  i’ve said it before and i’ll probably say it again.  any time we’re outside he spends most of the time pointing at any and all cars (be it parked or driving by) and excitedly shouts ‘CAR!’  when we’re inside he wants us to hold him up by the windows so he can watch the cars drive by.  we bought him some matchbox cars that have yet to leave his close proximity.

because of his love of cars, we decided to show him the pixar movie of the same name.  since that day, we have now watched Cars about 45 million times.  since julia and i are getting sick of the movie, we thought we’d try out Finding Nemo because nathaniel has also been carrying around a turtle with him the last week or so.  with the exception of laughing like a madman when nemo was captured, he was completely disinterested.

so back to cars it was.

i brush my teeth with my turtle too!

back to the turtle i mentioned before –

nathaniel has many stuffed animals.  none of them have quite captured his affection like his turtle.  he carries it around the house with him most of the time.  he does various activities with this turtle (like feeding the turtle from his sippy cups). and he HAS to go to bed hugging the turtle.  the other day i went to put him down for a nap and the turtle was across the room.  he freaked out until i got it for him.

we also got nathaniel a little starter toilet so we can get on the toilet training train.  he hasn’t actually gone on it yet, but he does point to it and say ‘peepee.’  other times he’ll say to us ‘peepee’ and go sit down on the toilet for a little bit, get up and flush the real toilet before walking out of the bathroom.

i'll figure this out at some point!

i can’t believe that we’re getting closer and closer to his second birthday.  it’s also hard to believe that in the last 22 months he’s gone from being completely dependent on us to absolutely refusing help with just about everything.  even if he fails at something over and over again, he still pushes me away when i try to help.

as julia put it the other day ‘the only person who’s more stubborn than he is, is you.’  i guess i’m training him well.

i help feed pickles now


snacks and Cars with my turtle

i have a new game

what is that under the sheets?

and it is called ‘heave myself head first down my slide.’

now, before you start to freak out about the risk of injury, understand that nathaniel is CRAZY.

it all started the other day when he figured out that he could climb up the slide itself (instead of any of the other ways to get up there to slide down) and then he’d lie down on his stomach and slide down feet first.  of course, that’s a pretty lame way to go down a slide so he had to up the ante.  today, we were outside with him and he was having a good time running around.  he decided that wasn’t enough excitement so he went to use the slide.  he was standing at the top ready to go down, got that real evil grin on his face that he gets sometimes, and slides head first down the slide.  luckily, he hasn’t  ever really figured out the whole ‘keeping your feet up as you slide down’ thing, so he never goes too fast.

it’s all good, this kid’s pretty resilient.


since nathaniel likes to help out around the house now, i decided the other day to let him help me change his sheets.

as you can see by the pictures he was a HUGE help.

instead of it taking the usual minute to swap sheets it took about 25 minutes.  at least the two of us had some good old fashioned fun in the process.  once i was finally able to coax nathaniel off of the mattress, i tried to show him how to put on the sheet.  every time i did a corner, he would pretend to be putting on the same one, and in the process take it off.  eventually he got the right idea (he enjoys tucking in the sheets on the sides of our bed – so made him think we were tucking instead of wrapping).

i’m guessing it will probably only take 60 or 70,000 more times of doing this before he may actually change his sheets on his own.