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Best friends part … whatever


taking pickles for a walk

i know i’ve spoken about this before, and i’m sure i’ll talk about it again, but nathaniel and pickles are pretty fun to watch.  case in point, the picture of nathaniel walking his buddy.

pretty much every day julia and i will go for a walk with our two little boys.  one of us will normally walk with pickles as the other one runs in spurts with nathaniel as he shouts ‘ready … set … go!’ and runs for about 15 seconds only to repeat the process pretty much as soon as he stops.  every now and again he decides that nobody else is allowed to hold the leash but him.  he’s even gone so far as to grab the leash from one of us and start to run (although pickles usually doesn’t know what’s going on and just stands there).


after seeing pickles sitting on some peoples laps while we were outside grilling, nathaniel decided, of course, that he needed to be included as well.  he climbed up onto a chair and would not give up until pickles sat with him too.

besides that, nathaniel is pretty much like every almost two year old.  we tell him to sit down, he jumps on the couch.  we tell him it’s time to eat, he runs into the other room.  we tell him to play nice with the dog, he throws a toy at his face.  you know, the usual.

overall, things are pretty good here.