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Baby Pepe

always with the hands on his face

so as we are nearing the 3rd trimester of baby pepe’s gestation, everything is going pretty smoothly.  since julia had a few complications the last time, we have the pleasure of going to the doc for sonograms every four weeks.  it’s actually a nice thing, because we’re able to track everything a lot closer than going every two-three months.   also, we get to see baby pepe forming into hopefully, a much calmer child than nathaniel.

apparently nathaniel has now decided that baby pepe should be named ‘baby’ when he’s born.  i hate to admit it, but that was at the top of my list as well.  now if i can only get pickles to commit, julia can’t filibuster the baby naming and we can push it through.



for thanksgiving this year, we were with julia’s family at her aunt elaine’s house.  it was a pretty solid day of the 3 F’s (family, food and football).  instead of doing a full write-up of how many plates full of turkey i ate in under 15 minutes (3 – and then i was standing over the turkey picking at it and dipping pieces in the gravy that was left over) i’ll just post a few pictures from the day.

ready for turkey!

nathaniel, as always, is adorable in his dress clothes.  when i was trying to take this picture, nathaniel was trying to watch ‘wow wow wubzy,’ and was getting annoyed i kept trying to get his attention.

a familiar sight

anyone who has followed this blog or has seen any of my various bbq posts knows that if there is one thing nathaniel loves, it’s ice.  here he sits with his aunt jackie (mostly cut out) watching football eating a cup full of ice cubes.  it’s ok, he wanted to eat more ice, so i ate his plate of turkey too.

plotting with his cousin

when his cousin brianna arrived, of course, the two little ones had to get together and figure out how they were going to destroy everything in the house.  (actually, they were very good together – there was no destruction to be had)

exploring the stroller

the two of them had to do SOME exploring and they spent some time spinning wheels on her stroller.  fun was had by all.


aunt jackie was nice enough to let them play alphababy on her iphone.  nathaniel giggles a lot when he plays this game (which basically is played by tapping the screen and a new letter, color, shape or number pops up and it says what it is – but jackie recorded nathaniel shouting out what some picture are <foofa, jackie, nathaniel> and that’s when he laughs the most).

end of the day

after all was said and done, nathaniel was sure tired (though not as tired as julia and i were because we had to run around with him and don’t have the energy of a two year old anymore – especially after turkey) and got himself set up on the couch to end his day watching ‘wonder pets.’

our newest family member

i'm going to be a big brother, i have to DRESS like a big brother

just realized i never mentioned on here that we are expecting baby #2 this coming march.  nathaniel, of course, is pretty excited.

for the first month or so after we told him, no matter what we said, he wouldn’t believe anything other than the baby was in MY belly, not julia’s.  that, and he wanted to name baby #2 ‘elephant.’

when we’d ask him if he wanted a brother or a sister, he’d say ‘sister’.  if we’d ask him if he wanted a sister or a brother, he’d say ‘brother.’  when we told him he was going to have a baby brother, he was upset with us and told us ‘NO!’ and made a raspberry.  i’m not sure why, but he was pretty upset about not having a sister.

he has since gotten over it, and is looking forward to having a baby brother.

he regularly kisses and hugs julia’s belly and says ‘i love you pepe.’  (which is our in utero name for baby #2)

i asked him if he was going to share all of his toys with his brother, he said yes.  i’m going to hold him to that.

just chillin', yo

Halloween 2011

getting dressed

this year, nathaniel’s god mother and pseudo aunt jackie told us she was going to take care of his costume (after seeing one of his favorite characters from one of his favorite tv shows).  it was pretty fantastic having nathaniel dress up as brobee (from the tv show yo gabba gabba), but i think it may have been even MORE fantastic to have jackie dress up as well (as foofa from the same show).

one thing we realized was that so far, in the 3 halloweens he has been alive for, he has been a monster of some sort for all of them (which makes my idea for our costumes for next year so much more awesome – in my eyes at least).

this year nathaniel was pretty excited to go trick or treating, bizarre weather not withstanding.

foofa and brobee

since the crazy snowstorm that happened the saturday before (on the day of my sister’s wedding – which i’ll get to once i have some decent pictures) power was knocked out all over the place.  one of the people hit with an outage was one of julia’s friends jen.  the town she lives in more resembled downtown fallujah than dumont new jersey, so she brought her two girls over to join in our trick or treating fun.

watching two 4 year olds and a 2 year old go door to door was pretty amusing.  it wasn’t just ringing a doorbell once, it was ringing a doorbell 10+ times.  it wasn’t just taking one candy from the dish the person was holding, it was taking 3+.  one thing i’ll say about them, is that they did say “thank you” at most every house.

also, nathaniel didn’t take candy out of his bag and try to give it to the person at the house like he did last year.

somehow, the herd of cats all looked at me at the same time

once we finished up with the candy hunt, we all went back to our house for a pizza party and some playtime.

now, if having 3 young kids trick or treating was amusing, having the same 3 kids playing (well, destroying) our house was equally as funny.  they played a little football, nathaniel pushed them on his bike, they took turns hitting each other in the head with a spinning buzz lightyear toy, they jumped on the couches, some fell off the couches – and no one got seriously injured, so it was a total win/win situation.

looks like i need to start getting the madmartigan and willow ufgood costumes ready for next year.