nathaniel’s new thing

can't sleep, clown will eat me

is getting frightened by dumb cartoons.

for some reason, over the last few weeks, dora the (hearing impaired) explorer scares the crap out of him.  not so much dora, but other characters on the show.  he was frightened by swiper the fox for a while but he seems to mostly be over that one.  then he got scared by the bridge troll and i had to point out he had on bunny slippers (one time at least) so we laughed about how silly his slippers were.  now he’s scared of the witch.  i wasn’t home when this happened, but i received a text from julia letting me know he was more or less in tears asking her to put on wow wow wubzy instead.

believe me, nathaniel, i’d rather watch wow wow as well.

has anyone else noticed that dora yells EVERYTHING SHE SAYS?  oh my goodness what an awful pile of garbage that show is.

little pillow

nathaniel also has discovered pillows.

we have this little yellow heart pillow that says ‘hug me’ on it – or as nathaniel would say “ooh a heart!  thump thump.  thump thump.”

one day when nathaniel was telling me that upstairs was scary (because it was dark up here – he’s real hit or miss with being afraid of the dark or not) i turned on the light and took him upstairs to see it wasn’t scary.  while discovering it was not nearly as frightening as he thought, he also found the pillow.  since finding it, it has been commandeered.

it is now HIS pillow.

so we figured this was a cute argument and gave it to him to use.  he carried it around for a week or so.  he played with it for a week or so.  he’d use it while laying down drinking juice for a week or so.  now it’s in his bed.

as part of his christmakah gift (our our christmakah punishment) we’re getting him his first big boy bed. somehow, he ends up in our bed between 4-4:30am every morning (julia or i give up on hoping he’ll stop calling for us saying “i’m wet, mommy” get out of bed, change himself, get back into bed and go to sleep so one of us has to do it and just brings him back to bed with us).  something tells me once he’s in his own bed, he’ll pretty much just get there on his own.

it's not fair. it's just not fair. there was TIME now!

it’s a little bit unfair.  this morning i was up when my alarm went off at 5:45 and shuffled off to start getting ready for work.  shortly after i heard julia get up and start making herself some breakfast.  after a little while we realized that the house was real quiet and we hadn’t seen nathaniel or pickles.  the reason?  those two little jerks we still passed out on OUR bed. i mean, the nerve!

those two wake us up (or just keep us up) all the time.  next time, i’m going in with an air horn.


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