nathaniel’s new bed

it’s been pretty busy over here the last few weeks.  i’m working on a new project with one of my oldest friends (in length, not age) which you can read all about over here @  and now that that’s out of the way, i’ll get back to the kid.

new bed!

as our christmas gift to nathaniel, julia and bought him a new bed.  our goal was to get him used to sleeping in it as much before there was going to be someone else in his crib as possible.

like pretty much everything else, he took to it pretty easily.

the first night was a bit of a struggle (for us) because he was no longer contained in his crib.  he didn’t feel that it was time to go to sleep, so he kept getting out of bed.  we remedied this by letting him mostly fall asleep laying down with me on the couch and then we moved him back to the bed.  all went well, until a little before midnight when julia and i awoke to something running down the hall yelling “i’m scared!  i’m scared!”  he woke up again around 3:30 and ended up spending the rest of the night sleeping with us.

the next day i went out and bought a bunch of nightlights to place around the house, and one for his room of course.  that night, he slept until about 4 – and then ended up in bed with us.

the next day?  he just slept and everything was a-ok.

yeah, he sort of likes wow wow wubzy

since then, not counting the minor argument about it not being bed time and then demanding stories be read, everything has been going very well.  he’s always been a morning person, and on occasion he even lets us sleep until 5!  usually, pregnant julia who’s asleep by 6:45 some nights is awake with him anyway letting me sleep (a trend which i honestly and truly hope continues well into the future).

and now, another funny conversation with nathaniel.

nathaniel has been pretty big on sharing lately.  at least we’ve been trying to drill that into his brain.  he was snacking on pretzels the other day and decided he wanted to share them with us.

n – ‘here’s a pretzel daddy’

a – ‘thank you’

n – ‘you’re welcome dad.  mommy wants a pretzel too?’

j – ‘ok.  thank you nathaniel’

n – ‘you’re welcome.  baby pepe wants one too’ (at which point he tries to shove a pretzel into julia’s belly button)

j – ‘ nathaniel, that’s not how baby pepe eats.’

n – ‘oh?’

j – ‘he eats something when i eat something.  that’s how he gets his food.’

n – (sits thinking about it for a second) ‘that’s silly mommy’ (and he starts laughing and stuffing more pretzels into his own mouth)

julia and i had a pretty good laugh about that one.


3 responses to “nathaniel’s new bed

  • esoderek

    Don’t be surprised the first time (or five) when he falls out of the bed. We’d be watching TV, then all the sudden hear THUMP, a silence, then crying. By the time we’d pick him up and put him back in bed, he’d already be asleep.

    And pull-ups become your nighttime friend.

  • Joanna

    Not that I think this when he’s awake, but in the pictures of him sleeping he looks just like you as a toddler (from what I see in pictures, as I wasn’t around yet then).

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