Still waiting for a baby

walking pickles with mommy

so we are now less than one month away from expanding our family again. nothing really new to report on that front, julia is pregnant with a baby almost as big as nathaniel is currently, and she’s super tired. otherwise, it’s life as usual here.

since this winter, so far, has averaged about 50 degrees every day, we’ve been taking a bunch of walks. nathaniel always wants pickles to come with us, and he still insists upon holding the leash. the only time this backfired on us was when julia was walking with the two of them as i got home from work. they were across the street and down a few houses when i crossed the street to meet up with them. pickles saw me and took off running and nathaniel went flying. not literally, this isn’t loony tunes.

everything was fine, so no need to worry.

nathaniel has, however, become very possessive of both julia and myself.

trying out yet another of jackie's xmas gifts

when we go to pick up nathaniel at daycare, he pretty much guards us from the other kids saying hello to us. a very common phrase out of his mouth is ‘MY mommy!’

we’re working on it, especially since there is going to be a baby in the house soon that is going to require more attention that he does.

on a related note, this is an actual conversation nathaniel and i had the other day. julia was laying on the couch and i was sitting on the floor by her having a pushing match with baby pepe.

Nathaniel – hey, go away.

Me – what? why?

N- don’t touch baby pepe.

M – and why not?

N – because he’s MY baby brother.

rollerblading with daddy

M – yes, and he’s MY son.

N- no, my brother!

M – nathaniel, are you serious?

N – (laughing) no daddy, i’m not being serious.

seriously, why did he have to get my sense of humor? of all of the things he had to get from me, why that?

it’s going to be a real, real long rest of my life.

i'm getting the hang of this!


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