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everyone is doing great

julia is feeling like herself again, nathaniel gets that we need to spend some more time with zachary than with him, and zachary is almost as big as nathaniel already.  i’ll post more of an update on everyone later, but it’s been a while since i’ve posted a ‘nathaniel sleeps in bizarre positions’ photo gallery, i figured it was time for one.

the 'ostrich'

for those nights when you just KNOW something is out there that is going to get you.  the only safe way to sleep.

the 'not quite sure if he wants to sleepwalk'

yes, he’s asleep.  no, he didn’t go anywhere.  we aren’t sure if this is comfortable or not, but he eventually made his way back into bed to sleep (semi)normally.

the 'dead arm'

ever wake up with one of your arms asleep?  i am about 90% sure this is one of the major causes of that condition.

the 'somehow he fits sideways on the bed'

how does he fit like this?  i have no idea.  he looks pretty comfy though, so who am i to complain?

the 'perfect angel'

who could tell that probably just a few short hours ago he was attempting to tackle pickles and knocking over his toy shelves?

that’s our big boy.


two weeks ago, was our last night as a 3.5-some

Zachary Sebastian

and the next day we became a 4.5-some (i’m counting pickles as a .5 member of our family)

the past two weeks have been a crazy time for us all.  nathaniel, to put it mildly, has a TON of energy.  he is, after all, 31 months old.  attempting to keep up with him on a regular day is a surefire way to napville.

adding in a newborn who doesn’t quite understand the concept of day/night just makes it more interesting.

since julia was just ever so slightly beyond her due date her doctors decided it was time to induce.  what can i say, zachary wasn’t even born yet, but he was already taking after his father.  after a scheduling snafu to get induced on thursday, it was set up for monday the 19th.

not going to toss back this fish

we called in the morning to find out what time we were supposed to arrive, and the woman at the hospital said ‘um, now.’

after rushing through our normal morning of getting nathaniel ready for daycare, we loaded up the car and headed on our way.  we dropped off the old one on our way to meet the new one.

after the always fun process of hospital paperwork, we were set up in a room for the process to begin.

i won’t bore you with the details of the day, but it was a lot of uncomfortable followed up by way more uncomfortable, followed up by a baby.

finally meeting baby pepe

after the baby was born and julia was settled in for a little bit of a rest, i left to go home and get nathaniel.  after he ate, we went back to the hospital so the two brothers could meet out in the world.

nathaniel was very excited, although we’re not sure if he understood fully that this was baby pepe that was in mommy’s belly up until a few hours before.  he did, however, tell us the baby was ‘cute’ and ‘real little’ about a thousand times.

julia’s parent’s took nathaniel home so i could spend some more time with the baby (i suppose also my wife).

we came home from the hospital on wednesday.  pickles was happy to meet the baby (not really) and when i picked nathaniel up at daycare he was super excited that mommy was finally back home.

oh, i guess i should say zachary was 8lbs 11 oz and 20.5″ long (born at 2:34pm for those in the pool)

anyway, after a few days of getting all of our schedules as in sync as they would be for now (probably forever) everything is starting to feel normal around here again.

zachary is sleeping most of the night.  he’ll wake up once around 2 or 2:30 and then go back to sleep until around 5.  actually, this could totally be me making things up due to not getting up with the baby, but i’m pretty sure that’s how it’s been.  truth be told, i wake up with the baby.  i’ll change a diaper and get julia a bottle of water or something before i get right back into bed.

nathaniel has had his sleep schedule messed up a little bit, because on occasion, zachary will wake him up.  it hasn’t been so bad, he’ll usually go right back to sleep, often in bed with me.  but the two boys are sharing the room nicely.  granted, the first night or two with the crib zachary HATED the wide-openness so he’d wake right up and freak out.  by the end of the week he was ok with it, and that’s where we are now.

it's just like at the zoo!


that's my baby brother!