everyone is doing great

julia is feeling like herself again, nathaniel gets that we need to spend some more time with zachary than with him, and zachary is almost as big as nathaniel already.  i’ll post more of an update on everyone later, but it’s been a while since i’ve posted a ‘nathaniel sleeps in bizarre positions’ photo gallery, i figured it was time for one.

the 'ostrich'

for those nights when you just KNOW something is out there that is going to get you.  the only safe way to sleep.

the 'not quite sure if he wants to sleepwalk'

yes, he’s asleep.  no, he didn’t go anywhere.  we aren’t sure if this is comfortable or not, but he eventually made his way back into bed to sleep (semi)normally.

the 'dead arm'

ever wake up with one of your arms asleep?  i am about 90% sure this is one of the major causes of that condition.

the 'somehow he fits sideways on the bed'

how does he fit like this?  i have no idea.  he looks pretty comfy though, so who am i to complain?

the 'perfect angel'

who could tell that probably just a few short hours ago he was attempting to tackle pickles and knocking over his toy shelves?

that’s our big boy.


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