it’s been a long while, and i have a few moments to myself

this is going to be mostly pictures with a few stories mixed in.

zachary is awesome

it’s been so long he’s now a little over 5 months old.  while nathaniel was barely on the growth charts, if he was on them at all, zachary is right on there.  he’s not giant, but compared to his big brother he sure seems it.  at 5 months he weighs slightly less than half of what nathaniel weighs at 3 years.

he LOVES his toys

his giraffe or his moose are pretty much always in his hands.  well, when he can’t get his hands on an entire pile of bibs, burp cloths or my clothing.  eat, sleep, play.  they are always with him.

being a good big brother

nathaniel has taken to his role as big brother very well.  he LOVES his baby brother and just wants to hug him pretty much all the time.  he sings for him, he rocks him to sleep, he dances like a lunatic, he gets him toys to play with.  all zachary wants to do is watch his brother.  he sits watching him and just laughs and laughs and laughs.  this, of course, causes nathaniel to be even more insane.  i can’t wait to see what happens when zach starts crawling and tries to take nathaniel’s toys.

can you stop taking pictures? i’m trying to nap here.

pickles also has taken to zachary being here.  when nathaniel first came home, pickles lost his spot as top dog (literally and figuratively).  he’s already used to his spot as kick ass pet, he doesn’t mind having another baby around.  even when he gets too close and the baby grabs his face and won’t let go.  pickles just looks at me like ‘seriously?  alright.’ and just lays down and takes it.  the other day i walked in on pickles laying his head down on zachary’s legs while zach was sitting in his chair.  they’re real cute together.  i think they’re going to have a great bond because nathaniel demands our attention (literally demands it sometimes) that zach and pickles will just hang out together.

i told you he likes his toys

i wouldn’t try to take one of them away.  he’s likely to cut you.  he’s such a great little guy.  the only time he gets upset is when he’s really hungry.  if he wakes up, he just hangs out in the crib (in the dark) talking to himself and his blanket.  it’s a little creepy, but so far i haven’t understood words so i’m not too scared he’s plotting my demise.

what choo talkin’ bout nathaniel?

this just looks uncomfortable.  i forget what song nathaniel was singing here, but zach was enjoying the show. (yes, we know that seat was recalled, you don’t have to tell us.  we don’t leave our kid unattended on high surfaces while he sits in it).  nathaniel is really turning into a small version of me.  while i’m doing random tasks around the house, i’ll usually make up ridiculous songs that i sing while i’m working.  nathaniel has started doing it too.  today, for example, while we were driving home the two of us sang a song about the length of inna-gadda-da-vida about how we were going home to start cooking rice for dinner.  he got so into it, he even sang (a small sampling of it) for julia when she got home.

the laugh

not great quality, but this is the face we see pretty much most of the day.  nathaniel wasn’t even being particularly funny here.  he was just driving (one of his dozen or so) batmobile’s on julia’s leg.  i didn’t see the humor, but then again i’m not 5 months old.

i can’t believe they’re 3 years and 5 months.  time flies when you don’t post on your blog.  (i have a lot of new sleep gallery pictures that i’ll post when i next get a chance).  for now, i will leave you with this –

what? you don’t like my hat?







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