finally a moment

don’t judge me, but i want to hide under the couch

everything here has been going pretty wonderfully the past few months, and i have a minute (thanks to me being sick and taking a day off of work) to actually post here.

zachary is getting big.  luckily nathaniel was born in the late summer with zach born in early spring so the clothes we already had seem to match up with their difference in sizes.  where nathaniel was wearing 18-24 month pants when he was close to 3 (he has a longer torso than legs), zachary at 8 months old is already growing out of some of the 9 month outfits we have.

julia and i have said it before, and this definitely won’t be the last time i say it here, but nathaniel better be nice to zachary, because he’s going to be outgrown in about a year.

actually, nathaniel seems to have hit a growth spurt as well.  it seems like just yesterday he was barely able to walk under the dining room table at his full height.  the otherday, he walked mouth first into the edge of the table.

they both love each other very much

boy oh boy does zachary love his big brother.  take this week for example – we’ve all been battling some form of being sick, and it seems zach is the latest to come down with something.  he’s usually the calmest baby, rarely crying over anything.  last night he was practically inconsolable.  it’s obvious he’s in some form of discomfort.  julia tried holding him, i tried holding him, we tried rocking him, we tried walking with him, we tried everything we had in our arsenal.  what made him calm down?  nathaniel laying on the floor next to him and giving him some toys.  apparently the love of legos has been passed down from big to little brother (at least those giant duplo or whatever the huge ones are called).

on top of not feeling so great because of being sick, zachary is also in full-on teething mode.  his bottom front teeth are (mostly) in and i think his top teeth are just around the corner.  luckily he’s not much of a biter, although he has meandered over to me a few times and tried to chew through my pants leg.

don’t let nathaniel know i play with his toys

speaking of which, zachary is pretty much mobile at this point.  it started (as it often does) with some hanging out in tummy time, i got up to get something and when i got back he was on the other side of the room.  so i brought him back over to where he was and waited.

nothing happened.

then he started rolling himself back towards one of nathniel’s armada of batmobiles.

that’s when i knew the easiest days of having a baby were over.

after rolling around for a couple weeks i started experimenting with him.  i would take a toy and move it just out of his reach and sort of block his rolling pathways to it.  that’s when he figured out how to drag himself to things he wanted.

hanging out at uncle brian and aunt nicole’s after the hurricane

he’s still not fully up on his knees yet, but then again nathaniel didn’t start doing that until we were at our friend’s house and they had a carpet that was easier to crawl on.  our floors are hardwood, and the play mats we have in the living room aren’t the best for traction.

speaking of nathaniel, his love of superheroes continues.


instead of having to watch such awful shows as fanklin or little bill, when he asks to watch ‘his shows’ it’s usually the justice league, batman, or superman.  it’s also pretty nice that i own them all on dvd so i don’t have to hope something good is on tv at that particular moment.

seriously, kids today are spoiled.  i remember having to wait an entire week to get to watch another episode of dungeons and dragons or jayce and the wheeled warriors, and then one day they weren’t on tv anymore.  no explanations.  there was no ‘on demand’ or internet to find what i wanted.  it was just tough luck kid, watch the shirt tales.  now, even when we were without power for six days after hurricane sandy rolled through, i was still able to let nathaniel watch an episode of justice league before he went to bed thanks to a million portable devices i have.

tickling his brother

nathaniel still continues to amaze us with hos ridiculously smart he is.  after being at my brother-in-law’s for one day, he had watched me put on his dvd and knew exactly what to hit on the remote’s he had never seen before to turn it on for himself.  we have a feeling zachary is going to be pretty much the same way.

he watches everyone doing everything.  he’s always watching.  when he first started to move around his first thing that was a non-nathaniel or dog toy he went after was the dvd player.  he’s already figured out the button to turn it on, and his eyes get all wide when the lights turn on.  then he gets a little upset when he hits it again and it turns off.

it’s really cute to watch.


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