not a moment’s peace

this is why i can't relax

this is why i can’t relax

as i’m sure most parents can tell you, the surest way to get your children’s attention is to sit down on the couch.  the other day i was home on my day off with the boys.  i was severely congested and was just hoping for maybe 10 minutes to let some medicine kick in with some peace and quiet.

instead i had a two boys and a dog jump on top of me.

it’s not that i mind the affection, it’s just that at that moment i would have preferred some alone time.  granted, since nathaniel was born my opportunities to relax have become few and far between.  even more infrequent since zachary.  but what can you do?

at least they still go to bed at 7pm, so julia and i have our nights.

photo 2

brotherly love

now that both boys are mobile, the chances of any room in our house remaining clean are about zero.  throughout the day there are toys on the floor in every single room of the house.  there are toys in the beds.  toys on the couches.  inside the couches.  under the couches.  in the refrigerator.  on the countertops.  hell, we even found nathaniel’s ‘missing’ rain coat inside our rice maker.

if someone has a giant vacuum hose we can borrow to just suck everything up, it would be much appreciated.

the funny thing?  they only want to play with each other’s toys.

nathaniel has no fewer than 38000 super hero figures.  you can usually find about 6 of them in zachary’s mouth.  on the other hand, nathaniel seems to find zachary’s three-little-pigs toys the most exciting thing in the house.

trouble a brewin'

trouble a brewin’

luckily, nathaniel still take a nice long nap in the afternoon.  the other day, he was sleeping just a bit too long.  it was getting close to 3 and if he didn’t wake up soon we would have had problems at bed time.  i decided to have a little fun with the boys and use zachary to wake him up.

after standing by the bed and yelling without any results, zachary started laughing.  that was when he turned back to nathaniel and started slapping him on the head.  without moving, nathaniel mumbles ‘turn down that noise.’  zachary found this to be the funniest thing he’d ever heard and laughed until he almost fell over.  then he started the slapping again.this went on for about another 20 secodns before nathaniel finally turned over, smiled, gave his brother a hug, and proceeded to fall back asleep.  he eventually woke up, and zachary was upset he lost his new toy.

play time

play time

nathaniel’s new favorite thing to do, much to the disappointment of his aunt jackie, is playing soccer.  apparently we’re a ‘football family,’ but honestly, he’s pretty good at soccer.  i think the rec leagues start at 4, so maybe next year we can sign him up for it.

he seems to enjoy sports as a whole.  he doesn’t quite understand the concept of taking the baseball out of the glove before he tries to throw it back to me, but he’s still learning.  granted, watching him throw the ball from inside the glove is pretty amusing.


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