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two weeks ago, was our last night as a 3.5-some

Zachary Sebastian

and the next day we became a 4.5-some (i’m counting pickles as a .5 member of our family)

the past two weeks have been a crazy time for us all.  nathaniel, to put it mildly, has a TON of energy.  he is, after all, 31 months old.  attempting to keep up with him on a regular day is a surefire way to napville.

adding in a newborn who doesn’t quite understand the concept of day/night just makes it more interesting.

since julia was just ever so slightly beyond her due date her doctors decided it was time to induce.  what can i say, zachary wasn’t even born yet, but he was already taking after his father.  after a scheduling snafu to get induced on thursday, it was set up for monday the 19th.

not going to toss back this fish

we called in the morning to find out what time we were supposed to arrive, and the woman at the hospital said ‘um, now.’

after rushing through our normal morning of getting nathaniel ready for daycare, we loaded up the car and headed on our way.  we dropped off the old one on our way to meet the new one.

after the always fun process of hospital paperwork, we were set up in a room for the process to begin.

i won’t bore you with the details of the day, but it was a lot of uncomfortable followed up by way more uncomfortable, followed up by a baby.

finally meeting baby pepe

after the baby was born and julia was settled in for a little bit of a rest, i left to go home and get nathaniel.  after he ate, we went back to the hospital so the two brothers could meet out in the world.

nathaniel was very excited, although we’re not sure if he understood fully that this was baby pepe that was in mommy’s belly up until a few hours before.  he did, however, tell us the baby was ‘cute’ and ‘real little’ about a thousand times.

julia’s parent’s took nathaniel home so i could spend some more time with the baby (i suppose also my wife).

we came home from the hospital on wednesday.  pickles was happy to meet the baby (not really) and when i picked nathaniel up at daycare he was super excited that mommy was finally back home.

oh, i guess i should say zachary was 8lbs 11 oz and 20.5″ long (born at 2:34pm for those in the pool)

anyway, after a few days of getting all of our schedules as in sync as they would be for now (probably forever) everything is starting to feel normal around here again.

zachary is sleeping most of the night.  he’ll wake up once around 2 or 2:30 and then go back to sleep until around 5.  actually, this could totally be me making things up due to not getting up with the baby, but i’m pretty sure that’s how it’s been.  truth be told, i wake up with the baby.  i’ll change a diaper and get julia a bottle of water or something before i get right back into bed.

nathaniel has had his sleep schedule messed up a little bit, because on occasion, zachary will wake him up.  it hasn’t been so bad, he’ll usually go right back to sleep, often in bed with me.  but the two boys are sharing the room nicely.  granted, the first night or two with the crib zachary HATED the wide-openness so he’d wake right up and freak out.  by the end of the week he was ok with it, and that’s where we are now.

it's just like at the zoo!


that's my baby brother!



yesterday we had a baby

yesterday we welcomed zachary sebastian into our family.  he weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 20.5″ long.  both he and mom are doing well and relaxing in the total comfort of a hospital room until they come home tomorrow.

i’ll post pictures and bit more about this (and nathaniel meeting his brother) when things settle down a little bit more over here.

Still waiting for a baby

walking pickles with mommy

so we are now less than one month away from expanding our family again. nothing really new to report on that front, julia is pregnant with a baby almost as big as nathaniel is currently, and she’s super tired. otherwise, it’s life as usual here.

since this winter, so far, has averaged about 50 degrees every day, we’ve been taking a bunch of walks. nathaniel always wants pickles to come with us, and he still insists upon holding the leash. the only time this backfired on us was when julia was walking with the two of them as i got home from work. they were across the street and down a few houses when i crossed the street to meet up with them. pickles saw me and took off running and nathaniel went flying. not literally, this isn’t loony tunes.

everything was fine, so no need to worry.

nathaniel has, however, become very possessive of both julia and myself.

trying out yet another of jackie's xmas gifts

when we go to pick up nathaniel at daycare, he pretty much guards us from the other kids saying hello to us. a very common phrase out of his mouth is ‘MY mommy!’

we’re working on it, especially since there is going to be a baby in the house soon that is going to require more attention that he does.

on a related note, this is an actual conversation nathaniel and i had the other day. julia was laying on the couch and i was sitting on the floor by her having a pushing match with baby pepe.

Nathaniel – hey, go away.

Me – what? why?

N- don’t touch baby pepe.

M – and why not?

N – because he’s MY baby brother.

rollerblading with daddy

M – yes, and he’s MY son.

N- no, my brother!

M – nathaniel, are you serious?

N – (laughing) no daddy, i’m not being serious.

seriously, why did he have to get my sense of humor? of all of the things he had to get from me, why that?

it’s going to be a real, real long rest of my life.

i'm getting the hang of this!

Baby Pepe

always with the hands on his face

so as we are nearing the 3rd trimester of baby pepe’s gestation, everything is going pretty smoothly.  since julia had a few complications the last time, we have the pleasure of going to the doc for sonograms every four weeks.  it’s actually a nice thing, because we’re able to track everything a lot closer than going every two-three months.   also, we get to see baby pepe forming into hopefully, a much calmer child than nathaniel.

apparently nathaniel has now decided that baby pepe should be named ‘baby’ when he’s born.  i hate to admit it, but that was at the top of my list as well.  now if i can only get pickles to commit, julia can’t filibuster the baby naming and we can push it through.

our newest family member

i'm going to be a big brother, i have to DRESS like a big brother

just realized i never mentioned on here that we are expecting baby #2 this coming march.  nathaniel, of course, is pretty excited.

for the first month or so after we told him, no matter what we said, he wouldn’t believe anything other than the baby was in MY belly, not julia’s.  that, and he wanted to name baby #2 ‘elephant.’

when we’d ask him if he wanted a brother or a sister, he’d say ‘sister’.  if we’d ask him if he wanted a sister or a brother, he’d say ‘brother.’  when we told him he was going to have a baby brother, he was upset with us and told us ‘NO!’ and made a raspberry.  i’m not sure why, but he was pretty upset about not having a sister.

he has since gotten over it, and is looking forward to having a baby brother.

he regularly kisses and hugs julia’s belly and says ‘i love you pepe.’  (which is our in utero name for baby #2)

i asked him if he was going to share all of his toys with his brother, he said yes.  i’m going to hold him to that.

just chillin', yo