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talk about lazy

who needs hands?

in a continuing effort to get as much done as he can with as little effort as possible, nathaniel has once again gone above and beyond.  the other day when julia and i were doing some stuff around the house, we put him in his playpen.  he was sitting down, having a good time when i offered him a bottle of apple juice.  instead of sitting there and drinking it (like any normal baby would) he got up, rested the bottle on the edge of the playpen and started to drink.

why would any child of mine turn out to be normal?

this isn’t the first thing he’s taken the easy (strange) way out either.

the other day when i was walking with nathaniel from the living room into the kitchen to feed him dinner, i guess he put it together in his head that i was holding his hands, so he no longer had to put forth any effort.  instead of continuing to walk with me, he decided to pick up his legs and let me carry him the rest of the way.

watching the world cup

nathaniel discovered a new interest this summer – the world cup.   he would hang out mesmerized (almost as much as when he sees elmo) and clap along with the game.  he’d even get excited when goals were scored.


oh, also, nathaniel has figured out that when you have a camera pointed at him, he should smile.  except when he’s teething.  at that point he pretty much just yells a lot.


so we had a new experience


since julia is home over the summer, and since we need to keep nathaniel somewhat in daycare to make sure he still has his spot in the fall, we decided to put him into daycare on wednesdays.  this past wednesday was his first summer day there.  it was also, nicely, my day off this week.

this past wednesday was the first day julia and i had without pregnancy or a baby in over a year and a half.




we went out to see toy story 3, we ate lunch IN A RESTAURANT, we did a little shopping.  all in all, it was great.  there was one small thing, we both kept saying how strange it was without nathaniel around.

even though he’s only been with us for slightly more than 1/10 of the time we’ve been together, it just seems like he’s always been here.  i know that in the morning when we were just vegging out before the movie i kept glancing around to see what the baby was doing.  it’s just second nature at this point to know that no matter what we’ve moved out of his way, he still manages to get to it and destroy it.

actually, he hasn’t destroyed anything yet.


what? i'm just chillin' in my chair.