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among the reasons you can tell nathaniel is our child

gyoza? yes please!

while making a recent run to mitsuwa for a few things, we decided to just eat a quick dinner there, instead of heading home first.  after trying to figure out what nathaniel would or wouldn’t eat, we settled on some gyoza.  this kid absolutely wolfed it down.

i love the fact that he will pretty much try anything we put in front of him.  if he is the slightest bit apprehensive, if we pretend that we are real excited to eat it and don’t want him to have any, he’ll take it from us and eat it (probably because everything is ‘MINE!’ according to nathaniel).

he is also taking after his father, in that he loves electronic gadgets.

he managed to grab my phone the other day while i wasn’t looking, opened a camera app, reversed the camera so it was facing him and then snapped his own picture.

this is the result

since he was very little, he has always watched every little thing we have done.  as soon as he could crawl, he was taking dvds out of the player.  he understands what the tv remote does, and while he doesn’t know what channel number to put on, there have been times when i was watching something but he decided it was time to watch wow wow wubbzy, picks up the remote and starts changing the channel trying to find it.  he uses an ipad at daycare for flashcards, so he’ll walk up to my ‘puter’ and start trying to move things on the monitor or my laptop screen.

he’s part of a generation that is growing up with some technologies that were barely imagined when i was growing up (and i grew up with computers my entire life), but this was just too much.

heck, maybe next time i’ll just let him write the blog post.


so we went apple picking

enjoying the walk

so this past sunday we went apple picking with nathaniel and some friends.  it was an early start to the day, but getting to the orchard just before they opened was definitely the way to go.

we arrived shortly before 9am and after trading a few quick texts and a phone call we met up with  the second car in our party and started to make out way through the orchard.

now, let me start off by saying that two things nathaniel has been practically obsessed with lately are apples to snack on and the trees when we go for walks.  when he saw all of the trees he got very excited, then when i told them that they all had apples growing on them his eyes grew so large with excitement i thought they were going to outgrow his face.

i held nathaniel up so he could pick an apple himself and he clutched that thing like his life depended on it.  that is, until he saw i had a bigger apple in my hand and he wanted that one.  pretty much the day went on like that for a while, at one point nathaniel had at least 3 apples in his arms.

with mommy and my apple

after we shared about 10 apples while we were picking them, we managed to fill up a bag with an awful lot to bring home as well (of which he has eaten many more since we got home).  we took a walk through the country store where nathaniel wanted to take jars of the various apple products with him as well.  that’s when we could tell someone had missed  his naptime.

before we left, we grabbed ourselves a quick lunch (of pizza; his other new obsession) and an apple donut (which he practically ripped a piece right out of my hands to eat) and spent a little time just hanging out with everyone.  also, we noticed that in a couple hours we were there, not only was every single lot filled, but there were dozens of cars trying to find parking all over.  let this be a lesson – anywhere worth going to, is worth going to early.

nathaniel passed out within about 5 minutes of us being in the car.

thanks to the lawtons, ferraros, jeff and stacey for an enjoyable day at the orchard.